Rhythms of the Soul




Jyotirmaya Thakur

Jyotirmaya Thakur( retired vice Principal) is the author of thirty books, a Multi-genre award-winning poet, book reviewer, translator, columnist, social & environmental activist, and a healer. The first Indian lady Vice President of the World Parliament of literature of both chambers of the Senate of the World Union of Poets & Writers, Italy. Peace Icon and HPAW Ambassador of Humanity,Ghana . National Director of Public Relations and Communications of Union Hispano Mundial de Escritores, Peru, in India. ‘Universal Ambassador of Art & Culture’ for Writers and Artist union of Bolivia approved by UNESCO and featured in their book of Luminous Lives. International Ambassador of Global International Peace Councils of India in the UK branch. Ambassador of SAPS -Poets and Writers Association, Poland. Global Ambassador of the UK of Grihswamini Magazine, Jharkhand, India. Chief counselor of Telangana Poetry forum and an Executive Member of the educational magazine 'Literati', Mathura. Her poems and articles have been published in more than 500 Anthologies in many countries and translated into many languages. She is the Hindi translator for the 'Ithaca' Magazine of Spain of the best poems of the world, which is circulated globally in many languages. She is a member of the Wolf International Poetry Exhibition group of the UK, where her poems are exhibited in various art galleries, Literary clubs and public places. She is a public speaker invited to speak on motivational, Literary, Environmental, and social issues. Featured as a Pentasi poet in 2017 & awarded a gold medal at Hyderabad Pentasi poetry festival-2017 with a certificate of ‘The Enchanting Muse of international poetry”. A gold medal and certificate of ' New Voice' in Literature and Best Nature Poet from Spectrum Publications, UK. Title of “Literary Personality of the year “-2017 by Asha-e-publications,& 'Pride of Jharkhand'-2020. An honorary Diploma with ten stars from Best poets and Writers of the World, and a certificate of World Laureate of literature by Tazakhastan . Diploma of Excellence and 'Lady Wordsmith' title from Poetas Unidas, Peru. Award of World Poetic Star with a certificate of Diploma by WNWU- Kazakhstan. Pride of India certificate by Global Literary Society, India. The former president of ARCS Magazine of Expressive narrative prose poetry forum and Poet of the year 2018. Honored with ‘Madan Mohan Bandopadhyay’, Commemorative Award, for the outstanding literary journey, at the first-South East Asian Literary Festival and certificate of 'Literary Honour' and a trophy, by Sahitya Deshkaal (The Mirror of Time ) with a special trophy of SEAL-2019. Certificate of 'International award Of Indian Literature' by the World English Writers Union, Hyderabad. "Lady of Literature " title,by Literati Society of India, Mathura. Title of 'Honoured Poet of India -by Seychelles Government accredited - International Literary and Art society (LLSF). Diploma of honor by International Press Agency of Barcelona, Spain. Writers Guild Award and honored as a Writer of Distinction by the Founder & President- Dr. Jose.A.Gomez of American Writers Association, Las Vegas, Nevada. Certificate of endorsement of inclusion in The world Directory of Literature, History, Art, and culture in 2018 by the academic institution of Mexico. Featured in the"Women of Essence” by dotism magazine, Australia & Featured in "Women of Excellence " and Gems 3 series by World Pictorial Poetry forum, Daman. Conferred with a certificate of "Wonderful Woman of Inspiration" and an 'Eminent author, Poet, and writer'. Featured as the 'living legend of the 21st century "by International Ocean News of Bari, Italy. Featured by the magazine -Up Words' , Kolkata - 'In the journey of a poet' with an exclusive interview. World Poet Laureate, Living legend of the 21st century, Great Personality of the year 2020 by World Parliament of Peace, Assam, India. ''Lady of Literature' by Literati Society of Mathura, India. 'Gold Cross of Society' of Cav. Silvano Bortolazzi -2019. 'Wonderful Woman of Inspiration and An Eminent Author, poet and Writer', 'Gem of the society 'and certificate of 'Successful Project -Co-ordinator' & 'Excellent Promoter & Motivator' award by World Pictorial Poetry forum, Daman. Honored as a legendary poet and Posted in their -’ Hall Of Fame’, Series & awarded as 'Jewel' of 'My Word -A Renaissance' Poetry forum. Honored by International Volunteerism Award-2020 for a humanitarian contribution towards the fight against COVID-19. The honor of appreciation for volunteering during the 6th Multicultural Community festival of Canada -2020. "The Poetry Readers Award-2020 & 2021" by readers of 87 countries issued by El Galardon De Los Lectors -Texas,USA. The designation for the icon of the artistry of literature and title of Guardian of the Universe, Queen of the Universe, and the title of ‘Wordsworth ‘from Nature Poetry forums. Certificate of outstanding poems on -Celebration and Peace published in -The Asian Literary Society Anthology. Poet Laureate award and certificate of excellence by World Literary organization, Nigeria-2020. "Warrior of the Pen "-award by 'Grihswamini Magazine' of Jamshedpur on Premchand's Jayanti anniversary -2020. Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award of honor on National Teachers Day -2020 "Dr. Sarojini Naidu International award" by Asian Academy of Arts for Women Achievers-2020. "The Nightingale of India "International award by the Women International Film Forum, Ludhiana. 'Certificate of the highest literature in recognition and contribution of improving the literary Channel by the International Literary Union of Oklahoma, USA. World Prize for Literary Excellence -2019-2020 in recognition of extraordinary work and contribution in favor of the National and World literature By Union Hispano Mundial de Escritores, Peru. 'International Cultural Leader' by Xingzhong Wushu Academy of China. Award of 'Classic Writer', Title of 'Wordsworth' and Advanced Diploma of Higher excellence by the -Oxygen International Poetry forum of Ceylon. An awarded editor of magazines and Anthologies. A widely traveled person and in love with diverse cultures of the world and portrays their impressions in her art. Books penned by Honourable Author Jyotirmaya Thakur Reiki Healing Rhythms of Reality Love & Romance Diary Pages – Reality Within Reflections of Nature Rhapsody of Reflections Symphony of Peace Melody of Love Valley Whispers Silhouettes of Love Rosary of Rhymes Sojourn of The Soul Life Songs Canvas of The Soul Random Reflections Spectrums of Reality Light and Shade Essentials of Poetry Feminine Portraits Rhythms of the Soul Musings of A Mystic Whispers of the Heart Poetry, Communication and Empowerment. Poetry Without Borders Poetry Without Borders -2 Poetry Without Borders -3 Poetry Without Borders -4 Hindi Poetry collection-कविता बिना सीमाओं के l Hindi Poetry collection-तलाश l 30.Poetry Beyond Borders


The poetry collection book titled ?rhythms of the soul? delineated by the prominent literary figure and poetic personality, jyotirmayaji is endowed with so many traits of sum and substance such as vibrating ideas of outstanding nature, comprehensive coverage of significant aspects of life, profundity in terms of thought processes, a refreshing style rarely visible in the world of poetry, the bold and courageous vision of life, The fragmented life projected in a discernible level of certainty, the untrammelled creative freedom so synonymous with creative ventures, the disorientation couched as poetic sensibility to bring succour to the world, The unshakable desire for redemption from the vicious ways of the world, The indomitable spirit shown amidst the debris swarming the self, soulful renditions with a bewitching mode of poetry writing, the narration of life as passing through the fast Lane with its own peculiarities, the reality check on the type of life so lived and cherished, the blissful rise to the top of the pyramid of creativity and the depiction of life as an experience of carefree tone and tenor. As L have perused through the poems of this poetic book, I have come across certain aspects of the world in general and life in particular so articulated in them with a resplendent vibrancy which can be unmistakably termed as the highlights of them. The poems in this book lift the hearts and minds of the readers to that elevation of aesthetic joy and happiness.

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