Kurukshetram 2.0: Awareness on Childhood Cancer

                      E-Book (3)

కురుక్షేత్రం 2.0 (Kurukshetram 2.0): పిల్లల్లో క్యాన్సర్ పై యుద్ధం (Awareness on Childhood Cancer)

June 27 To Jul 27

This book offers a comprehensive look into the management of pediatric cancer in India and beyond, drawing from a wealth of experiences in the field of pediatric hemato-oncology. It provides insights into the journey of caring for children with cancer, shedding light on the experiences of both parents and patients themselves. By dispelling myths and presenting facts about cancer and its treatment, the book equips readers with a deeper understanding of how to navigate the complexities that arise when a child is diagnosed with cancer. It addresses various aspects including social, cultural, financial, and medical considerations, making it a valuable resource for a diverse audience including doctors, nurses, parents, and relatives involved in the care of children with cancer.

                 E-Book (3)

I Shouldn't Have Done This: A Heartfelt Love Story

June 27 To July 27

In “I Shouldn’t Have Done This,” embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, and redemption against the vibrant backdrop of Delhi’s bustling cityscape and the complexities of college life. Meet a spirited protagonist from humble beginnings who challenges societal norms with a rebellious streak that shapes his journey.

When an unexpected accident occurs during his collegiate orientation, Meet’s life turns pivotal as he crosses paths with Kritika and her friend Seerat. As Meet’s affection for Seerat deepens, their blossoming romance leads to a heartfelt Christmas proposal, only to be shattered by Seerat’s mysterious rejection.

Seeking solace amidst despair, Meet finds guidance in technology and the mentorship of Tushar, an entrepreneurial figure—however, setbacks, including rejection from Major Brar for his startup venture, test Meet’s resolve.

भावनाओं का विस्तार : Unlocking Emotions

                   E-Book (3)

भावनाओं का विस्तार : Unlocking Emotions

June 27 To Jul 27

This collection of 30 poems convey a range of emotions, feelings, views, reflections which we all go through but may not express openly. Each Hindi poem has its English translation and a sketch to complement it.

The Trance Girl

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The Trance Girl: The One Who Became an Addiction

June- 27 To Jul-27

Inspired by true events, “The Trance Girl: The One Who Became An Addiction” is a realistic fairy tale set against the vibrant backdrops of Chennai, Colombo, Kochi, Montreal, Toronto, Aalsmeer, Frankfurt, Florence, and Paris. The story follows the journey of Akshay and Saesha, the key protagonists, as they engage in profound conversations across different cities at two different stages of their lives. Akshay, a management consultant, finds himself enamored by Saesha, an enigmatic woman he met during his semester exchange in Montreal while pursuing engineering at IIT Madras at 19. Those fleeting months in Montreal imprint themselves deeply in Akshay’s heart, becoming the most cherished memories of his life.

Seven years later, on an official trip to Florence, Akshay embarks on a quest to find the elusive Saesha. As their paths cross once again in the enchanting cities of Europe, he is faced with questions: what has changed, and was the years-long wait worth it? While Akshay had countless reasons to fall for Saesha—her beauty, wealth, intelligence, and allure—what drew Saesha to Akshay then, and what keeps her connected to him now? Dive into this tale of love, destiny, and the enduring power of connection as Akshay and Saesha navigate the complexities of their intertwined lives.

                  E-Book (3)

Unlock Your Power like a Phoenix

Embrace the Transformation and Manifest Your Dream Based on 12 Life-Changing Stories

June 25-To Jul-25

The book’s chapters tell fictional stories while teaching valuable life lessons. Most of them are based on spiritual realm, personal development, and mindset transformation. Some chapters in the text touch on Hindu religion and its rituals, and I am familiar with them. Regardless, this book is designed for individuals of all religious backgrounds. There is no mention of any religion, caste, or group of people.

The dedication of this book extends to every individual on our planet. I accept everyone as united with the Universe. This book is open to anyone who wants to Rise Like a Phoenix, regardless of their category.

            E-Book (3)

Arctic Fox and Snowy Owl

June-3 To July-3

A hungry Arctic Fox ventures out on a cold winter morning. Along the way, he meets a Snowy Owl under rather unusual circumstances. What follows is a rare and unlikely friendship as they together explore their rapidly changing environment and journey from one home to another.

Set in a fragile Arctic world, this book is a soft and subtle introduction to young readers on the impact of climate change on animals and their habitat.

The author captures the beauty of the Arctic through awe-inspiring illustrations and offers meaningful tips on how children too can play their part in slowing the impact of global warming.

Flames And Shadows: The Lost Quest​

                 E-Book (3)

Flames and Shadows: The Lost Quest

May 24 To Aug 24

When Evie and Isabelle’s lives intertwine with the world of magic, they are whisked away to a kingdom far from their home in New York.

A great threat has resurfaced, and it is after them. They must journey through the worlds to stop evil from taking over, a quest no one has attempted in the history of mankind.

In a world of magic, adventure, shadow and fire, Evie, Isabelle and their friends must hunt down the only things that might save them all.

The fate of the world is in their hands. But the darkness is close behind. Will the two sisters and their friends be able to withstand the trials of magic? Or will they succumb to the shadows?

An Immature Naturalist

                 E-Book (3)


May 22 To Aug 22

Narrow escapes from confused cobras, belligerent cockroaches hell bent on trying to take over bathrooms, buffaloes who seem to actually see red! Join the author as she meanders down childhood memory lanes in the company of family and friends, humorously recounting tales of interaction with critters having paws or claws and even those without either! Get absorbed in tales of playful dogs, nutty squirrels, inquisitive lizards and vengeful monkeys. Appreciate the small miracles of nature to be found in your own backyards and recapture your forgotten joys through her account of tree-climbing school days and romps through the neighbourhood. Share her glimpses into the human and animal psyche … observations gleaned while travelling in a pack … two-legged and four!

Scoopz Comics - Vol 1​

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Scoopz Comics - Vol 1

May 20 To June 20

Scoopz Comics is born from a strong belief that short content can go much beyond momentary gratification but can instead be a vehicle for exploring life’s profound questions itself.

Through our visually engaging and thought-provoking comics, we delve into the realms of life, philosophy, and societal issues, aiming to foster a community that values both creativity and critical thinking.

Each comic strip offers a glimpse into the complexities of everyday life, inviting readers to ponder the mysteries of existence and the intricacies of human relationships. From moments of joy and laughter to instances of sorrow and introspection, these comics encapsulate the myriad facets of the human experience.

With wit, insight, and a touch of humor, the comics navigate through universal themes such as love, loss, identity, and the pursuit of meaning. Through visually striking imagery and thought-provoking storytelling, this book presents a mirror to the human soul, reflecting both its light and its shadows.

Whether exploring the absurdities of modern life or contemplating the timeless questions of mortality and purpose, Scoopz Comics offers readers a poignant and uplifting journey through the tapestry of human existence. Each comic strip serves as a poignant reminder of our shared humanity and the beauty found within life’s simplest moments.

Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and moved as you embark on this visual odyssey through the depths of the human heart. Scoopz Comics is not just a book of comics; it’s a celebration of life itself.

Birdie tell me more...​

                  E-Book (3)

Birdie tell me more...

May 04 To June 04

Bessie is my name. Iam tweleve year old, Plump, chubby and an introvert….

“Fight For Your Fairytale.”

Anju Pradhan, since childhood always lived in the world of imagination, magic and miracles. She always believed that every that every person has a little child within. The tiny child just needs to come out and explore the magical universe. Besides, magical world, the author believes that God is within us.The heart is the abode of God, so keep the conscience pure. That is all God asks from us. Universe is her home and all the people are her family.

New Horizon Of Mission: Life And Contribution Of Rev. Dr. Bobby Chellappan​

                E-Book (3)

New Horizon of Mission: Life and Contribution of Rev. Dr. Bobby Chellappan

May 03-June 03

This book is dedicated with much love to my late husband, Rev. Dr. Bobby Chellappan. He was a loving husband, an amazing father to our children and also a great Pastor, Teacher, Manager and Mentor to many. Through his life he modelled Christ to many and left behind a legacy to follow. As you read through the pages of this book may it inspire you to fulfill your God given mission on earth just like Bobby did.

                   E-Book (3)


May-03 To June-03

Indian monitoring system leading safe coin leading to world currency (Cryptocurrency) & Introduction


                 E-Book (3)


Apr-20 To Mar 20

Sri Bijayananda Mishra lives in Cuttack City of Orissa, India. He was born in Keonjhar town in 1951 and grew up in Puri, the beach city of Orissa. He completed his graduation in Engineering, Electronics, and telecommunication in 1977. And post-graduation in Computer Engineering Data Processing in 1988. His professional life was as a telecommunication engineer in the then Orissa State Electricity Board at Talcher Thermal Plant. After post-graduation, he opted for a career in his state for computerization and networking.

In the last four years before retirement, he completed the project of core banking for 17 district co-operative banks and state co-operative banks. And with a central data center and networking for the banks and their branches in the state. In his retired life, after 2014, his passion is meditation and writing. 2016, the author faced brain injury by falling unconsciously. He survived but had no coordination part of the memory. But in 2018, he recovered well but was confined to his residence. His only passion is writing poems (English) and other topics. His love for spirituality and friendship. The Book PETALS is his first attempt into the writer’s world. Age 72. Birthday 10th February 1951. His mother tongue is Oriya. He is fluent in English and Hindi.

                E-Book (3)


Apr-13 To May-13

Sri Bijayananda Mishra lives in Cuttack City of Orissa, India. He was born in Keonjhar town in 1951 and grew up in Puri, the beach city of Orissa. He completed his graduation in Engineering, Electronics, and telecommunication in 1977. And post-graduation in Computer Engineering Data Processing in 1988. His professional life was as a telecommunication engineer in the then Orissa State Electricity Board at Talcher Thermal Plant. After post-graduation, he opted for a career in his state for computerization and networking. In the last four years before retirement, he completed the project of core banking for 17 district co-operative banks and state co-operative banks. And with a central data center and networking for the banks and their branches in the state. In his retired life, after 2014, his passion is meditation and writing. 2016, the author faced brain injury by falling unconsciously. He survived but had no coordination part of the memory. But in 2018, he recovered well but was confined to his residence. His only passion is writing poems (English) and other topics. His love for spirituality and friendship. The Book PETALS is his first attempt into the writer’s world. Age 72. Birthday 10th February 1951. His mother tongue is Oriya. He is fluent in English and Hindi.

Diary Of A Sub-Divisional Police Officer​

               E-Book (3)

Diary of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer

April 08 To May 08

Diary of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer” offers an authentic glimpse into the dynamic world of law enforcement during the period from February 1979 to August 1980. Serving as the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) in Palitana Subdivision of Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, the author, Kuldip Sharma, provides a detailed narrative based on real-time investigations and the supervision of serious crimes.

The book, delves into the intricacies of criminal cases, with a focus on ‘Visitable Crimes’-offences that demand special attention from supervisory ranks. The SDPO’s duties involve the thorough scrutiny of murder cases, culpable homicides, dacoities, robberies, housebreakings with theft, and serious riots. Additionally, cases involving police officers accused of offences are subject of the SDPO’s visitation.

Beyond catering to general readers, this book holds immense value for current and aspiring Sub-Divisional Police Officers (SDPOs) and Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs). It not only elucidates the methodical and sustained approaches employed in addressing serious crimes during that era but also sheds light on the logic and historical significance of procedures still followed today. The narrative captures the social norms prevalent during the depicted time, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of policing and crime resolution in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Unlock the archives of police investigations and delve into the fascinating world of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer through his diary. Gain insights into the historical context, procedural intricacies, and social nuances that shaped law enforcement during this period. “Diary of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer” is not just a memoir but a valuable historical document that resonates with relevance for law enforcement professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Growing Happy Minds - Unlock Positive Mindset In Kids​

                E Book (3)

Growing Happy Minds - Unlock Positive Mindset In Kids

April 05 To May 05

This book aims to empower parents, educators, and caregivers with practical tips and strategies aligned with law of attraction to help nurture positive mindset in kids. By fostering optimism, resilience, and self-belief, we can equip kids to navigate challenges with grace, bounce back from setbacks and unlock their full potential.

I’m happy to help with fostering a positive mindset in your children!

The journey to cultivate a positive mindset in children is an ongoing process. By incorporating the tools and strategies presented in this book, we can empower children to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, resilience, and joy.

Broader Scope of this book is to promote law of attraction techniques over millions of people and add value in their lives by helping them to raise Successful individuals for Future Generations.

“Unlock Positive Mindset In Kids” invites you to embark on a transformative journey. By empowering children with the tools and strategies within these pages, we can unlock a world where optimism, resilience, and joy become the guiding principles of their lives.


                 E Book (3)


Apr-01 To May 01

The book is written for the benefit of beginners to understand the nuances of horoscope reading and astrology. To that extent possible, an attempt has been made to present it with a contemporary outlook. This revised edition enables a step-by-step handholding for beginners in the interpretation of horoscope. Although the book opens with customary introduction to Rasi Mandal, Nakshatras and Planets. The book takes the reader through the much needed seven steps for the interpretation of the horoscope. The linkages between Bhavas and Bhavathipathis have been established in a rational way. Timing of events has been narrated through two steps namely Dasa System and Transit or Gochara. Yogas which fascinates are talked about in the book in simple terms. A practical illustration of horoscope reading is done within the framework of seven steps. There are also deliberations, case studies, astrological charts and tabulations for better understanding. Normally beginners are bewildered with several rules and this book makes a valid attempt to dispel the same. The USP of the book is brevity shown in the narration. I hope readers find the book a value addition and would be delighted to attempt more reading on the subject.


Pages of Enchantment: A Journey Lost in a Book

Mar-18 To Apr-18

Life is going well for Doris. Born into a wealthy family with everything at her feet and two best friends who always stand by her side, it’s as if the whole world revolves around her.
Nevertheless, when you have everything, you tend to become reckless, ungrateful, and a bit apathetic—just as is the case with Doris. Bullying schoolmates, troubling others, bunking classes, and having fun are just another day for her.
However, this does not continue for long. When she discovers a strange ancient book, her life turns upside down. As the pages of mystery unfold and the ink of enchantment comes alive, she gets trapped and whisked away into a world where words weave spells, and stories hold secrets.
For her, nothing remains the same as she navigates through the uncharted territories of destiny and is forced to embark on a captivating odyssey.


How To Move To India: And Feel like a Fish Thrown into Water

Mar-18 To Apr-18

Why are so many Americans looking to retire abroad?
Why do Indian Americans harbor thoughts of moving back to India?
What are the advantages of moving to India?
Can an Indian American transition successfully to a life in India and what are the pitfalls?
How does one go about planning for the move?
What are the problems one can anticipate during the move?
Once you move, how do you settle down in India?

If you are thinking of moving to India, read on to get the answer to all your questions. This book is primarily intended for people of Indian origin who have worked in the US or some other Western country and are thinking about returning to India. That should not preclude a non-Indian from reading this to get an understanding of certain aspects of life in India and the culture of the people there. There are many people who are not of Indian origin who have lived in India for an extended period successfully. In addition to details of planning and the process of moving and settling down in India, this book delves into the differences between life in the West and life in India and how to adapt after moving to India.
At the end of each chapter in this book are sections called “My Story” that describe my life and experiences as an immigrant in the US over the last thirty-five years. This is so that the readers can get an idea of what life in the US is like and how it contrasts with life in India. Indian readers who aspire to go to the US may find these sections interesting as they may acquaint them with the American way of life and the cultural differences. Non-Indian readers may also find the life of an Indian immigrant somewhat amusing to learn about. I have tried to keep these sections interesting and light by illustrating them with real anecdotes from my life. You can skip these sections if all you are interested in are the technical aspects of how to move to India and what to do when you get there, but many of you may find these sections engaging and useful.
This book will help you decide if you should take the plunge and move to India. It discusses the pros and cons of moving to India mostly from the perspective of an Indian American and help you mentally prepare and feel confident that you have made the right decision, whether you decide to move or not. It will help you plan for your move if you do decide to move. It will help you with the process of moving and settling down in India. If you do move, it will help you feel like “a fish thrown into water.”. That is what I say to people when asked how I feel after moving to India.


REBOUND: Redemption From Cancer – Journey Of Life​

   PaperBack-2 & Ebook-2

REBOUND: Redemption from Cancer – Journey of Life

Mar-12 To Apr-12

This book aims to inspire readers to know some facts surrounding cancer and face the adversities in life and win over them through practical life lessons that I have shared from my valuable learning and experiences. The book is primarily about my fight against cancer and recovery from it. In different chapters, I have tried to share my learning in this journey from detection to treatment and my personal experiences. I am a strong believer in destiny and one of the lessons I have learnt is that destiny only decides our direction and our destination. I, therefore, advise you to not fret and rue over the past or be worried about the uncertain future. Life is all about living in the present and enjoying the moment. This book also focuses on expressing gratitude and being thankful to family members and close friends who stand firmly with us through the ups and downs in our lives. It is also about enjoying the little gifts of life that bring happiness and positivity to our lives. With a positive mindset and strong self-belief, we can take on any adversity in life, even a lethal disease like cancer. The chapters in this book are meticulously written to provide insights into cancer cells in the human body and the prime reasons for its occurrence while recommending that we should follow healthy patterns in life to be safe from this lethal disorder. This book also talks about different aspects of human traits that need to be revisited during moments of solitude. This tough and painful journey starting from diagnosis to treatment helped me understand a lot about life and the different attributes attached to it. The book also tells us to purposefully slow down sometime to reflect on life and its numerous facets. It also shares valuable lessons and I definitely hope that it will be able to impact lives and bring hope and positivity to the readers.

                    E Book (3)

The Taste Of Happiness: Recipes of Biryani/ Pulao, Memories & More

Mar-12 To Apr-12

Embark on a journey through the diverse flavors of biryanis, intricately woven with the threads of my nostalgic childhood memories. Within the pages, you will also discover a glimpse of my native land, Goa, through personally captured photography, adding a vivid and personal touch to the culinary and cultural narrative.

Sex For Success By Girish Kashwani​

                   E book (3)

Sex For Success By Girish Kashwani

Mar-11 To Apr-11

It is the story of Kabeer. Kabeer is a middle class young, happy, caring and loving youth born and brought up in Bangalore. Kabeer is a male Sex . I hope you have sex . If so know that it is your story. Kabeer has a dream. Kabeer has finished his graduation in electronics but he wants to become an investment banker. In his quest to discover his dreams, sex becomes his ladder. His father helps him climb. You should read my book, if you have a dream. This book will open up the secret code of success that for centuries has been transforming ordinary men and women into legendary professionals and human beings, “Rich outside Richer inside”.

Beyond The Numbers: Elevating Sales Negotiation From Transactional To Transformational​

                   E book (3)

Beyond the Numbers: Elevating Sales Negotiation from Transactional to Transformational

Mar-06 To Apr-06

Beyond the Numbers – Elevating sales negotiation from transactional to transformational is an essential guide to sales negotiation where you transform yourself merely from a sales person to a long term business associates . This insightful tome delves into the alchemy of negotiation, offering a comprehensive recap of strategies, from the foundations to advanced tactics. It will act as a perfect mentor for management students, working professionals and MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) owners by empowering them with the art of rapport, trust and value creation. It will help you to navigate objections, embrace continuous improvement, and stay industry-savvy. With the help of this guide, you can able to master the finesse of negotiation, turn it into a life skill and join the ranks of esteemed negotiators who make every deal count.

The Indus Quest​

                E Book (3)

The Indus Quest

Feb-26 To Mar 26

‘The Indus Quest’, a pacy political thriller with a historical twist, from Ranjan Mitra.Follow the story of Subhadra Acharya, a 38-year-old archaeologist, as she reunites with her estranged friend, Dwip Ray, an ex-Indian Police Service officer, on a rain-soaked August evening in Kolkata, after fourteen long years. Their reunion takes a sinister turn as Subhadra is abducted later that night.
The abductors are desperately seeking an artefact allegedly removed by Subhadra from a recently excavated Indus Valley Civilization site, near the Great Rann of Kutch. This object can solve a four thousand-year-old mystery, with explosive consequences for modern India.Walter Chacko, a Deputy Director in the Intelligence Bureau, is summoned to Delhi to unravel a bizarre conspiracy against Prime Minister Venkataraman’s government. The unknown mastermind seeks to radically alter India’s political destiny. Subhadra, Dwip, and Walter navigate through ancient sites and follow the clues left in a thousand-year-old journal of a Chinese traveller. It becomes a race against time to unveil a mind-bending truth about India’s history—a revelation that may decide the future of the world’s largest democracy.‘An edge-of-the-seat thriller, from the first page onwards’ Shirish Thorat, author & screenplay writer
‘Ranjan has created a fascinating world with compelling characters and a thrilling storyline’ Rahil Nadiadwala, writer & film director

                E Book (3)

The Art of Shape Your Career:9 Ways Driving Growth & Success in the Digital Age

Feb-26 To Mar- 26

In today’s ever-shifting professional landscape, a career isn’t merely a series of job titles one holds throughout a lifetime. It’s a dynamic journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. “The Art of Shaping Your Career” series takes you on a transformative expedition to mould your career, harmonizing it seamlessly with your innate talents, passions, and aspirations.
Why embark on this transformative journey?
A Tailored Guide for Every Phase: Many career guides offer one-size-fits-all advice, treating the career path as a linear progression. However, every individual’s journey is unique, punctuated by periods of introspection, growth, and sometimes, complete metamorphosis. This series recognizes these distinct phases, providing targeted guidance for every stage. Whether you’re just entering the professional realm, seeking to amplify your presence and brand or contemplating a total career revamp, a dedicated guide is waiting for you.

               E Book (3)

Growing Up Tales: A Timeless Journey

Feb 17 To Mar 19

Some intertwined tales of coming of age. How some girls blossom, transform, and navigate the bittersweet tapestry of life. Some may strike a familiar chord, while others might be your friend’s story or even trigger a passing deja-vu. With a mix of lighthearted and profound moments, these short narratives aim to evoke flashes of nostalgia from the late 80s and early 90s. There is no right or wrong in childhood, every day is a new learning and plenty of fun.

Once upon a time, there lived some children. Then they grew up and lived happily ever after. How they grew is this book – a collection of short stories, relatable with the shenanigans of the children of the 80s and 90s, who are now (hopefully) much matured adults.

                   E book (3)

Beautiful in God's Eyes: Understanding the Purpose and Power of Women

Jan 30-To-Mar 15

Beautiful in God’s Eyes – The Purpose and Power of Women” is a transformative journey that unveils the remarkable potential and strength women hold within themselves. This book, designed for women of all ages and backgrounds, aims to empower and inspire. It delves into the heart of the feminine identity, exploring the intricate tapestry of qualities and abilities that make women truly exceptional.

The book’s purpose is to guide women in recognizing their unique strengths, understanding their divine purpose, and embracing their authentic selves. With profound insights rooted in the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it offers a refreshing perspective on women’s roles and significance in the world.

Whether you seek personal growth, spiritual connection, or a deeper understanding of your identity, “Beautiful in God’s Eyes” will unveil the extraordinary power that lies within every woman, leaving you with a profound sense of purpose and self-empowerment.

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