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The Secret Bluewave: Unlocking Your Mind's Potential: A 30-Day Journey

Aug-19 To Sep-19

Non Fiction

The Secret Bluewave: Unlocking Your Mind’s Potential: A 30-Day Journey” is your key to extraordinary success. Karthik Prakash (KP), a renowned recuperation coach and brain mapping advocate, reveals groundbreaking secrets to unlock your limitless potential. Through his transformative 30-day journey, KP guides you towards self-discovery, personal growth, and ultimate fulfillment. Discover the K-Map system, combining neuroscience and mindset techniques, to break barriers and manifest your desires. Reprogram your subconscious, embrace failure, and cultivate abundance. Unleash confidence, resilience, and personal power. Take action now and unlock your destiny.

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NOTES FROM A STRANGER: Extract of life. I

Aug-19 To Sep-19

Non Fiction

This book adds common understanding of relationship between cosmic power and human.We normally believe that life is created by God.But the truth is different.When technology is fastly taking over daily routines,the other side of life peace,grace,kind and forgiveness are to be revisited to balance spirituality and materialism driven by human ego.Certainly a new vista is ahead after completing this book.

All tools of our body are operated by life force which are ultimately moving towards the current of inborn desires imprinted in our brain..

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7 Things That Make You Love or Hate Success: Why your success never works out the way you plan
Aug-19 To Sep-19

Non Fiction

Unlocking Success: The Journey of Love, Hate, and Surprising Twists! Are you curious about the secret behind success? Get ready for an exciting ride through the pages of ‘7 Things That Make You Love or Hate Success,’ a fascinating book that uncovers the mysteries of achieving greatness. Whether you’re already successful or striving to be, this engaging read is your ultimate guide to navigating the unpredictable road to triumph. Discover the seven powerful factors that can either fuel your passion for success or leave you feeling dissatisfied. Explore how societal expectations, personal values, and more shape your view of success. With easy-to-follow insights and practical tips, the author equips you with essential soft skills for accepting and experiencing success to the fullest. Whether you’re a go-getter in the workplace, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply searching for a more meaningful life, this book will be your compass on the journey to greatness. Get ready to unlock your potential, redefine success on your terms, and embrace the extraordinary life you deserve. ‘7 Things That Make You Love or Hate Success’ will inspire, empower, and prepare you to conquer every twist and turn. Embrace the challenge, seize the opportunity, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime today!


Wealthyfull: The Science of Building Financial Freedom by Dr. R Senthil

Aug16- Sept16
Non Fiction
Develop a money mindset that will help you achieve your financial goals Create a budget and stick to it, no matter what Invest in the stock market, real estate, and other assets to grow your wealth Build passive income streams that will provide ongoing financial security Maximize your savings and reduce your debt And much more! Packed with actionable tips, expert advice, and real-life success stories, Wealthyfull is the ultimate guide to achieving financial freedom. Whether you want to retire early, start your own business, or simply live a life of financial security and abundance, this book will show you how to get there. So why wait? Start building your wealth today with Wealthyfull!
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Art and philosophy of peace Fronteversismo ®️ By Giuseppe Siniscalchi

Aug 12 – sept 12

Art and philosophy of peace Fronteversismo new art philosophy movement , co- authors :
preface : Annamaria Mauro director of the National Museum of Matera ,
Texts by
Charles Alphonse OFM Cap , serving in Rome as General Secretary for formation at the Capuchin Generalate , Margherita Cosentino art historian professor , Gemma Maria Gualdi Deputy Attorney General of the Republic at the Court of Appeals of Milan , Gabriele Guglielmino art professor and critic , Luciano Mazzocchi missionary and writer , Mimmo Muolo Vaticanist and deputy head of the Roman editorial staff of the newspaper Avvenire and writer , Giuseppe Siniscalchi lawyer and painter founder of Fronteversismo art and philosophy movement , Tiziana Viggiano doctor in philosophy member of councillor in the Municipality of Bernalda responsible for Cultural promoting Magna Graecia , Francesco Zecca OFM , he served the Order of Friars Minors as Guardian formator Provincial Secretary for Formation and Studies and Provincial definitor . Director of the S. Egidio Museum inside the church and convent S. Pasquale Baylon in Taranto . Member of Gpic ( center justice peace and integrity of creation) .
The book expain the deep meanings of Fronteversismo paintings and philosophy in English and translation in Italian language

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The Past of India: Ancient and Medieval Indian History – At a GlanceThe Past of India: Ancient and Medieval Indian History – At a Glance

Aug 12 – sept 12

The history of ancient and medieval India is vast and forms an essential part of the syllabus for students preparing for UPSC Civil Services and other examinations. This book is concise and easily explains the fundamentals of the subject by dividing each kingdom into 9 pillars. This book aims to provide the essential and core information of each empire within a short span of time, thus providing maximum cost-time benefit and become a valuable asset for any student of this subject.

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She Grows from the Depths of Pain

Aug 12 – sept 12

You smile when the world goes insane,
Even when those bad days seem inevitable,
It made you so vulnerable,
But the imperfections gave you an edge,
And you didn’t give up or budge,
Like the changing phases of the moon,
Growing each day from depth of your pain.

A collection of poetry and prose for people who wear their heart on sleeves everyday and put a brave face when world around goes falling apart.

Paper Back (1) Kindle

Aug 12 – sept 12

fiction, travel
Paper Back (1) Kindle
Travels Beyond Death-An extraordinary journey through life, death

June 25 2023 To July 25



Equilibrium: Level Your Life

June 29 2023 To July 29

Self help and individual development.

Whether we are seeking greater spiritual awareness and connection, or simply looking for ways to live more purposefully and joyfully, the principles of karma and dharma can serve as powerful guides on our journey. So, join us on this exploration of this philosophy and the path of karma and dharma, and discover the wisdom and insight that can transform your life.

2 (Ebook)

Whispers of Midnight – A twisted tale of murder

June 29 2023 To July 29

With the countdown to New Year’s Eve ticking away, the city of Mumbai with unwelcoming arms woke up to a December soaked in poison. The echoes of a young girl’s murder reverberated through the streets, enveloping the masses in a gripping blend of fear and intrigue. Vedhansh Ahuja, a Senior Investigating Officer with the Crime Branch is tasked with unravelling this enigma. Amid mounting media pressure and the relentless passage of time, he races against all odds in his unwavering pursuit of justice, navigating a treacherous web of deception. Can Vedhansh Ahuja decipher the twisted puzzle before it’s too late? The answer lies within the pages of this suspense-filled masterpiece that will leave you guessing until the final, shocking revelation.


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