1 copies (Paperback) & 5 Copies (Ebooks)

Tapping Freedom Technique: Understanding To Heal Yourself

19th Aug-19th Oct

 Non- Fiction, Self help

This book gives you an inner view of yourself and will open the door for positive thinking for anyone who is above the age of 14 years.
It will assist to overcome stress, anxiety, tensions, panic, anger, and negative triggers.
One will understand 3 basic principles of life:

  • Every thought has a root.
  • Your behaviors reflect your conditioning.
  • Your well-being and health are linked to your emotions.

Every person has a room that is never disclosed to anyone. This is the secret place where all the negative emotions are stored (hurt, traumas, miseries etc..) Gradually, these negative emotions start to reflect in his/her lifestyle. This lifestyle becomes a life pattern.
The book will assist you to release or let go of all the negative/buried emotions that are known to you by using the tapping techniques. Anyone who carries out this technique for 7 days (20 minutes daily) will observe a positive change within. Even children who take time to memorize their studies can start memorizing it easily.
A person of any age group will be able to connect and match their behavior with their conditioning. It will also assist to understand others easily. This will avoid any type of misunderstanding.
Discover yourself with this book. I wish you all a very happy life.

1 copies (Paperback) & 5 Copies (Ebooks)

Guru Yogam

26th Aug-26th Sept

 Non- Fiction, Spiritual, Life skills, Success

There are so many people in this world who are struggling with all sorts of problems and there are so many people who are going through life so heavily.
It is my firm belief that the reason for this is that they do not have the right mentor/master.
In the Indian cultural traditions, the importance of the Guru can be understood by giving the second Place after ‘mother and father’,
Hence, the elders said that…

I do not know if I have the experience and qualifications to talk about a Guru…but
Through all the problems I have seen so far in my life journey, the many problems I have encountered, the many experiences I have overcome, my experiences in life, the lessons I have learned from those experiences, the knowledge I know, a strong desire has arisen in my mind.
Then I decided to write a book on the subject of the greatness of the Guru, the need for a Guru, and why the real Guru should be in our lives, with the firm feeling that the greatness of the Guru needs to be known to all the experience which I know in the life I have come across.

The techniques are simple and can be adopted and practiced even with our routine work.

The ‘Fill in and pour out method’ explains the procedure for achieving higher goals of wealth creation and success.

In short, this can be termed as an all-in-one book that deals with various issues related to our day-to-day situations.

The laws of nature, the functioning of the mind and the role of emotions are explained in simplest possible way. The techniques to achieve life goals are covered with examples.

Life cannot be fulfilling without inner peace. While going after materialistic needs, we should be able to pause and experience the glory and bliss of life. This book tries to balance the materialistic and spiritualistic aspect of life.

We all have a finite time to live. This book aims to give a wakeup call to LIVE BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

1 copies (Paperback) & 5 Copies (Ebooks)

The Entrepreneur Mindset

26th Aug-26th Sept

 Non- Fiction, Business, Investing & Management

The Entrepreneur Mindset (TEM) offers proven and actionable steps for entrepreneurs and companies to growth hack their success while creating an indispensable personal brand that people can relate to and remember for years to come.

This book is the need of the hour in today’s crowded marketplace and offers a blueprint for your brand framework, with step-by-step guidance on developing and sharpening your networking skills and getting things done in the most efficient way possible and much more.


Learn how to be real with the people you interact with and make strategic associations to establish credibility. TEM will help you stand out, get noticed and be remembered.

Armed with some of the rare insights shared in this book, you would practically be able to achieve anything in your life, whatever goals – in career, love or relationship – you have set your heart on, as these insights will have a Midas touch, an overarching impact on your life and attitude.

5 Copies (Ebooks)

I once lived: A Dead Man’s perspective on Life, Death & Beyond

20th Sept – 20th Oct

Non-Fiction, Self help 

Covid was hard for all of us, but it was harder for those who lost their loved ones. It sure felt terrible and scary to witness the fragility of human life as death took the center stage. This is just one side of the coin, on the flip side, what do you think of those people who actually went through death and drifted into the abyss? What were they feeling when they died? If given a chance to these passed-on souls, what would they say about their experience?


I Once Lived, is a perspective of one such man who passed away due to covid, now as a soul reflects upon the life he lived, narrates his death experience and his after-life journey, in an attempt to show us all how living well is of paramount importance, and the impact it has on our death process and the journey beyond. I wish these powerful messages will permeate deep inside and re-direct us towards leading a more fulfilling & elated life.

5 Copies (Ebooks)

Awakening (Rice, Beans and Fried Potatoes)

20th Sept – 20th Oct

Fiction, self help

Messengers from the spiritual world descend on Earth as Saints, Sages. Preachers, and sometimes as Children We listen, we ignore, and we take these spiritual men for granted, but when maturity dawns upon us, we begin to discover the truth of our purpose on this planet. We start believing those sermons, we have been hearing without much attention, and keep surfacing in our minds guiding us in the right direction.

“The day we are out of womb sure will be in the tomb, sooner or later how when and where lest we can predict but a bed is there waiting for us in the tomb’. Two young

Pre-Teen twins Brother and Sister, walked up to me as I was walking back home from the Butcher’s Shop carrying freshly cut Lamb Meat. They are smart, good-looking, and are on the mission of preaching ‘The Ten Commandments. got a pamphlet from them. The boy pointed his finger to “The Ten Commandments’ and said “Thou shall not Kill, and Jesus will not be happy with you’ Though his words sounded simple yet he nailed them in my heart. I reached home and started to cook my favorite dish Hyderabadi Biryani, I was not able to focus on my cooking. The boy’s face was popping in my eyes, and at the back of my mind, I could hear the cries of the dying Lamb. I messed up the Biryani and couldn’t cat it. Those words of Pre-Teens Invoked Compassion in me, and I made the Choice, ‘Quit Eating Meat, followed by “Awakening” Rice, Beans, and Fried Potatoes’ The Story was Penned



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