E Book (3)

Pages of Enchantment: A Journey Lost in a Book

Feb-27 To Mar 27

Life is going well for Doris. Born into a wealthy family with everything at her feet and two best friends who always stand by her side, it’s as if the whole world revolves around her.
Nevertheless, when you have everything, you tend to become reckless, ungrateful, and a bit apathetic—just as is the case with Doris. Bullying schoolmates, troubling others, bunking classes, and having fun are just another day for her.
However, this does not continue for long. When she discovers a strange ancient book, her life turns upside down. As the pages of mystery unfold and the ink of enchantment comes alive, she gets trapped and whisked away into a world where words weave spells, and stories hold secrets.
For her, nothing remains the same as she navigates through the uncharted territories of destiny and is forced to embark on a captivating odyssey.

                E Book (3)

The Indus Quest

Feb-26 To Mar 26

‘The Indus Quest’, a pacy political thriller with a historical twist, from Ranjan Mitra.Follow the story of Subhadra Acharya, a 38-year-old archaeologist, as she reunites with her estranged friend, Dwip Ray, an ex-Indian Police Service officer, on a rain-soaked August evening in Kolkata, after fourteen long years. Their reunion takes a sinister turn as Subhadra is abducted later that night.
The abductors are desperately seeking an artefact allegedly removed by Subhadra from a recently excavated Indus Valley Civilization site, near the Great Rann of Kutch. This object can solve a four thousand-year-old mystery, with explosive consequences for modern India.Walter Chacko, a Deputy Director in the Intelligence Bureau, is summoned to Delhi to unravel a bizarre conspiracy against Prime Minister Venkataraman’s government. The unknown mastermind seeks to radically alter India’s political destiny. Subhadra, Dwip, and Walter navigate through ancient sites and follow the clues left in a thousand-year-old journal of a Chinese traveller. It becomes a race against time to unveil a mind-bending truth about India’s history—a revelation that may decide the future of the world’s largest democracy.‘An edge-of-the-seat thriller, from the first page onwards’ Shirish Thorat, author & screenplay writer
‘Ranjan has created a fascinating world with compelling characters and a thrilling storyline’ Rahil Nadiadwala, writer & film director

                E Book (3)

The Art of Shape Your Career:9 Ways Driving Growth & Success in the Digital Age

Feb-26 To Mar- 26

In today’s ever-shifting professional landscape, a career isn’t merely a series of job titles one holds throughout a lifetime. It’s a dynamic journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. “The Art of Shaping Your Career” series takes you on a transformative expedition to mould your career, harmonizing it seamlessly with your innate talents, passions, and aspirations.
Why embark on this transformative journey?
A Tailored Guide for Every Phase: Many career guides offer one-size-fits-all advice, treating the career path as a linear progression. However, every individual’s journey is unique, punctuated by periods of introspection, growth, and sometimes, complete metamorphosis. This series recognizes these distinct phases, providing targeted guidance for every stage. Whether you’re just entering the professional realm, seeking to amplify your presence and brand or contemplating a total career revamp, a dedicated guide is waiting for you.

               E Book (3)

Growing Up Tales: A Timeless Journey

Feb 17 To Mar 19

Some intertwined tales of coming of age. How some girls blossom, transform, and navigate the bittersweet tapestry of life. Some may strike a familiar chord, while others might be your friend’s story or even trigger a passing deja-vu. With a mix of lighthearted and profound moments, these short narratives aim to evoke flashes of nostalgia from the late 80s and early 90s. There is no right or wrong in childhood, every day is a new learning and plenty of fun.

Once upon a time, there lived some children. Then they grew up and lived happily ever after. How they grew is this book – a collection of short stories, relatable with the shenanigans of the children of the 80s and 90s, who are now (hopefully) much matured adults.

                   E book (3)

Beautiful in God's Eyes: Understanding the Purpose and Power of Women

Jan 30-To-Mar 15

Beautiful in God’s Eyes – The Purpose and Power of Women” is a transformative journey that unveils the remarkable potential and strength women hold within themselves. This book, designed for women of all ages and backgrounds, aims to empower and inspire. It delves into the heart of the feminine identity, exploring the intricate tapestry of qualities and abilities that make women truly exceptional.

The book’s purpose is to guide women in recognizing their unique strengths, understanding their divine purpose, and embracing their authentic selves. With profound insights rooted in the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it offers a refreshing perspective on women’s roles and significance in the world.

Whether you seek personal growth, spiritual connection, or a deeper understanding of your identity, “Beautiful in God’s Eyes” will unveil the extraordinary power that lies within every woman, leaving you with a profound sense of purpose and self-empowerment.

                 E-Book (3)

Serene Minds:10 Proven ways to get rid of the mental blocks- A Psychologist's perspective

Jan 18-To- Feb 18

Serene Minds is the ultimate guidebook for anyone looking to overcome mental blocks and unlock their full potential. Written by a leading psychologist, this book offers 10 powerful strategies and practical tips that will help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.
With relatable and inspiring stories woven throughout the book, Serene Minds captures our attention and helps us understand and connect with the concepts and strategies presented. The book explains the different types of mental blocks. It ranges from procrastination and negativity to self-sabotage and more. It also provides us with a collection of tools and techniques to address these thought patterns.

E-Book (2) Print (1)

POWERHOUSE: Proven AI Playbook to 10x Your Business and Leadership Impact

Jan 05-To-Feb-05

Attention Aspiring Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders: AI may not replace you, but someone using AI will. Don’t get left behind!

Are you ready to step into an AI-powered future?
i) Ready to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to 10x your growth?
ii) Wondering how AI tools like CHATGPT can increase your productivity?
iii) Seeking a proven playbook to integrate AI across Business functions like Market Research, Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer Support & more?
iv) Looking for Actionable, AI-driven business templates tailored for your business as a Founder, Leader, or Aspiring Entrepreneur?
v) Curious to learn about the practical application of AI to build a business from scratch and create wealth with limited resources?

E-Book (2) Print (1)


Jan 05-To-Feb-05

Academic rivalry YA mystery novel
Anushka is cynical, intelligent, and sometimes mean; and is in her last year of school. Her only priority is to study as much as possible to stay on the top and beat her academic rival—Devesh, who is nothing but annoying with his arrogant smirks and equally good grades. The only thing the two have in common is their mutual friend—Varun, who’s loved by everyone and is also the school’s golden president. That is, until the school president disappears abruptly after leaving Anushka with a strange message. Following this, a fellow student, Nitin, dies—murdered. An anonymous post claims Varun is the killer. Anushka starts her own investigation to find the truth, which Devesh asks to join. After all, Varun and Devesh were best friends. With an attempt to put away their differences, involving a lot of
bickering and opposite opinions, they investigate the case themselves, leading them to multiple leads. Evidence shows up in the form of rumours and leaked pictures, making things more challenging.
But the killer doesn’t sit idle either, sending threatening messages, which Anushka chooses to ignore until she becomes his target.
Will they be able to find Varun in time?
Or will the killer show up in the most unexpected places?

E-Book (2) Print (1)

Memory Lane: Echoes of the Past

Jan 03-To-Feb-03

Dive into a world of captivating tales that will transport you to different times and places. This collection of stories weaves together emotions, adventures, and unforgettable moments that will stay with you long after the last page.

Discover the Human Experience Through words.
As you read someone's life in words today, perhaps tomorrow you’ll find yourself immortalized in the stories of the heart.

Embrace the Magic …


E-Book (2) Print (1)

The Bluewave Catalyst: K-MAP-Driven Journalism for Societal Transformation

Jan 03-To-Feb-03

“The Bluewave Catalyst: K-MAP-Driven Journalism for Societal Transformation”
Embark on a transformative journey through the world of civil journalism. This comprehensive guide, meticulously crafted by experts, equips aspiring journalists with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration needed to drive positive change in society.

Join the Bluewave movement and be part of the solution. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist, a seasoned professional, or a concerned citizen, this book will inspire you to make a lasting impact through K-MAP-driven journalism. Start your transformative journey today!


The Indian Paratha & The Syrian Kibbeh

Dec 29 To Jan 29

Love and destiny know no boundaries

In the city of love – Paris, an international love story blooms between two commoners of two unusual countries. Wasim from Syria became a refugee at the age of sixteen, lost his family, and travelled all the way to France. Riya, a UN interpreter aspirant with Indian roots and culture, lives with her parents in Paris. Wasim and Riya’s meeting at the stadium was not accidental. In a world with eight billion others, Wasim and Riya from across continents were destined to meet because she is the one to reunite his fragmented family. Love and destiny know no boundaries.

           E Book (3)

Sam And The Mysteries Of Shadows: The Discovery

Dec 15 To Jan 15


There is something about shadows….

Ever had that feeling it was creeping behind you?

And just when you turn around, its back to where it was?

Your fears were right!

shadows are not just reflections of us

there is much more to them than meets the eye…..

            E Book (3)

La Lueur: The Ultimate Guide for Mastering French

Dec 07 To Jan 07



Bienvenue! Welcome to the radiant world of “La Lueur,” the ultimate guide for unlocking the beauty and elegance of the French language. Whether you’re a curious child or a seasoned adult, this book is your gateway to master French in a way that suits your learning style.

French isn’t just a language; it’s a global connection. With “La Lueur” as your guide, open doors to international friendships, business opportunities, and unforgettable travel experiences.

As you progress through “La Lueur,” watch your skills evolve from beginner to expert. From conjugating verbs to composing eloquent essays, this book equips you for excellence.
À La Vie, À La Lueur! In life, in learning, and in the radiant light of “La Lueur,” may your journey to mastering French be endlessly fulfilling and joyous.

Bon voyage!

            E Book (3)


Dec 06 To Jan 06


In this book we cover the isolation and identification of different seed mycoflora from different oil seed . There has been an increased interest in the use of ecofriendly technologies for plant disease control. However, due to high cost of fungicides and the worldwide awareness regarding environmental pollution and residual problems, the excessive use of fungicides is discouraged. Botanical pesticides are considered as potential alternatives to chemical agents which can be hazardous to human and animal health.
The effects of these botanicals i.e. Azadirachta indica and Ricinus communis and Biocontrol agent i.e. Trichoderma viride against seed mycoflora of some oil seed crops were studied.

                 E Book (3)

Challenging the Challenges: Strategies for effective equity and inclusion in education

Dec 02 To Jan 02


This book Challenging the Challenges focuses on identifying the key challenges in equity and inclusive education of the children in our school system. It is a great source of reference for Teachers, Parents, Clinical Practitioners, Special Educators, Policy makers and all those who are concerned with the education of children with special educational needs. The rich experience attained by the author, as the Rehabilitation Practitioner, Educational Psychologist, Counsellor and Senior Consultant in various rehabilitation projects in India, Australia and the Middle East, has been highly reflected in this book. The author has covered the most important challenges of children with special needs and brought diverse solutions to address the issues based on his enormous experience in the academics and management of various educational sectors in India and abroad.

            E-Book (3)

33 Marvelous Mantras For Artful Parenting

Nov 21-to Dec-21

Non Fiction

In any most difficult and impossible type situations, the easiest and miracle working kind of help or solution one would seek is a tool called Mantra. The whole world desires and depends on that shortcut, Mantra, to bring even God and heaven down to the human world to make their works happening and falling on its way.
Parenting is seen by almost every parent as tougher than building a golden castle. Parents of single child, two or more, each one finds it easier to place a satellite rightly in the space than making their wards listen to and follow their instructions.

They find making peace among the world countries and cause ceasefire a lighter task than creating peace between or among the siblings.

33 Marvelous Mantras For Artful Parenting is an attempt to provide handy tools for such parents that see parenting as nightmarish and traumatic daily shocks. It provides a simple way out to ease them from all worries and assure them to have a desired happy parenting. A Mantra a day, is a teacher, a guide, a help, a remedy, a medicine and a load of golden bricks for a happy and joyous golden castle with dos and do nots in parenting.

             E-Book (3)

Lifestyle Prescription for Diabetes and Prediabetes: 5C Lifestyle Program-Treat the cause, not just the symptoms

Nov-16 to Dec-16

Non Fiction

This book provides an in-depth and comprehensive guide on how to prevent, manage, and potentially reverse diabetes, drawing on scientific evidence and years of clinical practice. In this book, you will learn about the “5C lifestyle program”, which integrates all evidence pieces into five basic components, promoting sustainable lifestyle changes.

Overall, this book offers a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to managing diabetes that promotes sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term success.


             E-Book (3)

The Secrets of Design Thinking Mindset: More Tools And Techniques To Enhance Your Design Thinking Skill

Nov 15 to Dec 15

Non Fiction

Are you an employee, employer, engineer, designer, student, lawmaker, or an individual who is facing challenges in problem-solving, decision-making, prioritization, or team management?
Does your team lack innovative solutions that don’t WOW your customers?
Are you tired of conflicts within the team and stakeholders?
If so, then you need to learn about the power of combined behavioral science and design thinking.

These two fields together can help you understand your customers’ needs and pain points, develop solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, and make your products/solutions more persuasive and engaging by making better decisions and problem-solving approaches.

The possibilities are endless. By understanding the integrated approach of behavioral science and design thinking, you can be miles ahead of your competitors.

             E-Book (3)


Oct -20 To Nov 20

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is an eternal knowledge which is always be relevant and beneficial to mankind. “Is Career a Choice” is a book which will answer some of the career options that one aspires to experience.The book attempts to explore various aspects related to Profession in Vedic Astrology.Particular reference is made to 10th house, Varga Charts, Timing in Profession, Combination of Planets and excerpts from Classical texts. Four Chapters have been entirely devoted to the discussion of Combination of Planets for various Professions.A number of charts are discussed with relevance to Profession after careful studies. There is an interesting commentary from classical text in the form of excerpts. Importance of Asthakavarga has been delineated in a short form with example. A note on Karaka based on Kalapurusha Chart is also appended.The book though short and crisp is exhaustive enough for both students of astrology and who are conversant with astrology.

           E-Book (3)

Art of The Climb : Every Professional’s Guidebook for Excelling and Winning in a Corporate Career

Oct -20 To Nov 20

Corporate Career, Non fiction

Art of the Climb is a book that helps a professional excel in a corporate career while enjoying it. Everyone starts the climb of the corporate ladder with the first step – but true success comes to those who master the Art of the Climb. It is not the brightest or the best who rise to the top in organizations – it is those who wisely negotiate the twists and turns on the way.A corporate career is a labyrinth, full of surprises – headwinds that stall and tailwinds that open opportunities. The path ahead is unclear – some leading to dead ends and others to grand vistas. And to top it all, the goalpost keeps shifting throughout the journey. Mastering the Art of the Climb is the only way to stay ahead.


Numerical Enigma: A Quantum Mystery

Oct-17 To Nov-17

Life for Alex Gage, a 24 year old club football player, becomes a roller coaster ride as he stumbles upon a strange letter written by Albert Einstein in 1945. Laura, daughter of professor of physics Mr. John Gable seems like the only person who can help him but, the professor is dead and Laura is nowhere to be found. In his heart stopping chase for the truth, he comes across mysterious clues– Letters dating back to 1940’s, hidden propositions made by great scientists like Albert Einstein and Max Born, an absurd yet scientific theory and so on. He learns that one man who holds the key to everything, is someone named David. Soon he finds himself unraveling the greatest theory that mankind has ever known but, he is not the only one seeking it. Numerical Enigma merges the line between reality and belief. It does so by recounting facts and events in the history of scientific developments and theoretical physics which in the end leaves you with a question, “Is it really possible?”


Ricki's Road to Redemption

Oct-07 To Nov-07


In “Ricki’s Road to Redemption” by Shapoor Batliwalla, readers are treated to a whirlwind adventure through the heart of Bollywood, as recounted by none other than India’s greatest coward and con man, Ricki. With a narrative brimming with humor, greed, violence, criminal enterprises, and of course, a touch of romance, this book offers an unforgettable journey into the glitzy and chaotic world of Indian cinema.

At the heart of this uproarious tale is Ricki, a character who defies conventional heroism but wins your heart with his antics and unexpected encounters. His escapades are a rollercoaster ride of laughter and suspense as he navigates the treacherous terrain of the film industry, where everyone is out for a piece of the Bollywood dream.

    Paper Back (1) Kindle

The Leadership Blueprint: A Guide to Brilliance for Teens and Young Adults

Oct-06 To Nov-06

“The Leadership Blueprint: A Guide to Brilliance for Teens and Young Adults” is a guide designed to inspire, educate, and empower emerging leaders. The book draws from the author’s years of experience mentoring young adults, offering invaluable insights into cultivating essential leadership skills like empathy, resilience, and innovation.
Beyond the usual leadership rhetoric, the book delves into the unique challenges today’s teens face and provides practical strategies to navigate this intricate journey. It also underscores the value of personal development, self-awareness, and introspection, building a foundation for effective leadership.
From understanding the power of influence to the importance of creativity and innovation in problem-solving, this book offers comprehensive guidance for young leaders in the making. “The Leadership Blueprint” will inspire teens and young adults to step up and lead and equip them with the tools to make a significant difference in their worlds. This is an essential read for young minds ready to step into their leadership potential and leave a lasting impact.


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