Founded in 2017 by the visionary duo Mr. S. Ranjan Mohapatra and Mr. Praveen G., Clever Fox Publishing has rapidly grown from its modest origins to become a leading force in the hybrid publishing industry. Originally based out of a small warehouse, the company is now headquartered in Bangalore, with a significant presence in Chennai. Clever Fox Publishing blends innovation with tradition to offer a unique and dynamic publishing experience. With an expansive network reaching over 150 countries, Clever Fox Publishing ensures that its authors’ works are accessible to a global audience. The company collaborates with major distribution platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Google Books, Kobo, India Book Distributors, and Ingram, providing unparalleled market penetration and accessibility. This extensive reach reflects the company's dedication to making literature widely available to readers around the world. Clever Fox Publishing prides itself on fostering strong relationships with its authors, offering a supportive and creative environment. From editing and design to marketing and distribution, their team of experts guides authors through every stage of the publishing process.

With Clever Fox Publishing, aspiring authors can transform their ideas into published works with ease. We offer comprehensive services to help you write, create, print, and market your books to a global audience. Our expertise extends beyond books; we also specialize in printing theses, research papers, and journal articles. Whether you need assistance from start to finish or just a specific part of the process, we have customizable packages to suit your needs.

We have two models of publishing:
1. Guided Self-Publishing:
We welcome all aspiring writers to this flexible and empowering publishing option. With Guided Self-Publishing, you can publish works of any genre, from fantasy and romance to memoirs and poetry. Our team provides the support you need at every step, allowing you to maintain creative control while ensuring professional quality.

2. Partnered Publishing (Hybrid Publishing):
This model, also known as Hybrid Publishing, is ideal for authors of fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. Partnered Publishing combines the best aspects of traditional and self-publishing, offering a collaborative approach. We work closely with you to ensure your book reaches its full potential, providing extensive support in editing, design, marketing, and distribution.

At Clever Fox Publishing, authors have the flexibility to publish their books in a variety of formats, including:

- Paperback

- Hardcover

- eBook

- Audiobook

The available formats depend on the package you select, allowing you to choose the best way to share your story with the world. Whether you aim to reach readers who prefer traditional printed books or those who enjoy digital and audio versions, we have options to suit your needs.

As the name suggests, you will get a dedicated team of experts to guide and perfect every aspect of your book. From Editing, guiding to write a better story, cover design, images, illustrations, page formatting to book marketing, we support you through all the processes.
Upon reviewing and approval of the book, an ISBN will be assigned and the manuscript will be sent for cover and book interior design. With frequent inputs from your end, the entire process will be managed by Clever Fox with absolute transparency.

In our Partnered Publishing (Hybrid Publishing) model, we seek high-quality, diverse content with broad audience appeal. This option is perfect for authors who have crafted compelling narratives in fiction, non-fiction, or children's genres.


- Manuscript Submission and Review: Upon receiving your manuscript, it undergoes a thorough review by our Editor-in-Chief (EIC). We evaluate the content for its potential to resonate with a wide audience.
- Expert Guidance and Collaboration: We provide extensive support throughout the publishing process, from editorial feedback to design and marketing strategies. Our goal is to enhance your book's quality and reach while maintaining your unique voice and vision.

For detailed information about our Partnered Publishing services and to see how we can help bring your book to life, please visit https://www.cleverfoxpublishing.com/hybrid-publishing/ 

ISBN stands for 'International Standard Book Number'. It is a unique 13 digit identification number that booksellers and libraries use to identify books, magazines, newspapers, or other publications. Each version of the book namely Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook versions comes with an individual ISBN.
DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is assigned for journal articles to give its identity.

At Clever Fox Publishing, your work is truly your own. We believe in empowering authors by ensuring that:

- Your Words, Your Ideas: The creative essence of your book—your words and ideas—remain entirely yours.

- Your Hard Work: The effort you put into creating your manuscript is fully recognized, and you retain complete ownership of your content.

How We Support You:

Just as a boat guides you across a river, Clever Fox Publishing helps you navigate the complex waters of the publishing process, bringing your book to the marketplace. Our role is to facilitate your journey while ensuring you retain lifetime ownership of your content.

Rights and Ownership:

- Content Ownership: You, the author, retain all rights to your content indefinitely. We do not claim any ownership over the material you create.

- ISBN and Design Rights: While Clever Fox Publishing holds the rights to the ISBN we provide and the interior design we prepare for your book, these elements are intended to complement your work and help it reach its audience.

With Clever Fox Publishing, you can be confident that your intellectual property remains solely yours, even as we support you in sharing it with the world.

At Clever Fox Publishing, we take a detailed approach to calculate the production cost of your book. Several key factors contribute to the overall cost, and understanding these can help you make informed decisions about your project. Here’s a breakdown of what influences the cost:

  • Number of Pages:

   - The total page count directly impacts the printing cost. More pages mean higher production costs.

  • Book Size:

   - The dimensions of your book (e.g., standard sizes like 5" x 8", 5.5" x 8.5", 6" x 9", 8.5" x 11") affect the amount of material used and, consequently, the cost.

  • Color vs. Black and White:

   - Pages that require color printing are more expensive than those printed in black and white. The proportion of color to black-and-white pages is a crucial factor in cost determination.

  • Binding Type:

   - The choice of binding (e.g., paperback, hardcover, spiral binding) influences both the production cost and the perceived value of the book.

  • Paper Quality (GSM and Type):

-GSM (Grams per Square Meter) measures the thickness and weight of paper, with higher GSM indicating thicker and more durable paper that provides a premium feel, though at a higher cost. At Clever Fox Publishing, we typically use 70 GSM for both crème and white paper in black-and-white books, ensuring a balanced blend of quality and affordability. For color books, we employ 90 GSM art paper to enhance the vibrancy and clarity of images. Additionally, we offer 70 GSM white paper as an alternative for authors who prefer a lighter, more flexible option. These choices allow for tailored customization to meet your specific preferences and budget needs.

- Paper Type: Options include matte, or glossy, each affecting the cost differently. Specialty papers for high-quality color prints or luxury finishes will be more expensive.

  • Final Print-Ready File:

   - The completeness and format of your print-ready file also impact the cost. A well-prepared file allows for a more accurate and potentially lower-cost production process.

 Key Takeaway:

Each of these factors plays a significant role in determining the overall cost of producing your book. By carefully considering and planning each aspect, you can optimize the balance between cost and quality.

For a more accurate projection of your book’s cost, it's essential to finalize the print-ready file. This allows us to provide you with a detailed and precise estimate, ensuring transparency and helping you budget effectively for your publishing journey.

Yes, each package includes a 200-page limit, and for additional pages, there will be minimal additional charges. Consult with your publishing consultant to know about the charges.

It entirely depends on the production cost. Factors like the number of pages, content, and finish of the book determine it. You can use our online calculator to estimate it.

"Illustration/table" refers to the images or tables provided by the author. Our design team will integrate these elements into the book, ensuring they are appropriately aligned and formatted. If you require custom illustrations to be designed for your book, this service is available at an additional cost. Please consult your publishing consultant for more details about these add-on charges.

No, it is for the English language. For other languages, there will be additional charges. Please check with your publishing consultant to learn more about this.

Package with Editing Service:

Please note that if your package includes editing, you may make content-level changes during the editorial proofreading stage. At the interior design stage, we focus solely on formatting and design changes. If you provide content changes after the editorial stage, we cannot send them back to the editorial team unless requested in advance, and additional charges will apply for new content word count. Our interior design team does not proofread new content or spelling errors; they only handle formatting and design.

Package Without Editing Service:

If your package does not include the editing stage, you must ensure all content-level changes are made before submitting the manuscript to us. We understand that some changes might be identified at the interior design stage. We are flexible in accommodating such changes if the total corrections do not exceed 100 in count.

The quantity of author copies is determined by various factors, including the number of pages, printing costs, the use of color, and the type of book being printed. The actual number of complimentary copies may differ from the quantity mentioned in the publishing package, which is typically based on standard printing sizes, paperback binding, black and white pages, and a maximum of 200 pages. The complementary copies are processed after the final payment due is clear from the author.

Expenses are subtracted from the MRP [maximum retail price]. This covers production inputs as also distribution. Profit = MRP – Expenses (Production Cost + Distribution Cost).

For example: The book is prices at ₹300/-.  Printing Cost incurred is ₹80/-
We can conclude ₹300 – [₹80 (print cost) + ₹135 (distribution cost)] = ₹85

In guided self-publishing the author will earn ₹85/- per book when sold through eCommerce platforms like Amazon.in, Flipkart.

In our Partnered Publishing model, the profit is shared equally between the author and Clever Fox Publishing.  This means that if the profit from a book is ₹85, it will be divided equally, with ₹42.50 going to the author and ₹42.50 to the publisher. This 50-50 split ensures that both the author and the publisher benefit fairly from the book's success.

Ziffy Bees (Online)

Ziffy Bees will charge a 30% fee towards distribution
on all orders to cover Payment Processing and Order Fulfilment Costs.

Clever Fox (Physical distribution in India)

Profit will be calculated as
 ₹300 – (₹80 (print cost) + ₹195 (distribution cost)) = ₹25 

Author Earnings

Guided Publishing:
-Other Online Stores (Amazon.in, Flipkart) = ₹85

-Ziffy Bees  = ₹130

-Clever Fox Physical distribution = ₹25

Partnered Publishing:

-Other Online Stores (Amazon.in, Flipkart) = ₹42.5

-Ziffy Bees  = ₹65

-Clever Fox Physical distribution = ₹12.5

If Amazon Prime is included in the package, please take note of the following:

  1. The book's Manufacturer's Retail Price (MRP) must exceed Rs. 200 to qualify for Prime.
  2. All standard-type books are eligible for Prime.

We utilize Print on Demand (POD) for our book printing, offering a selection of standard sizes and paper thicknesses to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Please note that any requests for customization beyond these standard options will require a bulk print model or offset printing. This allows for greater flexibility in design and paper quality for larger print runs.

Clever Fox Publishing partners with a network of leading book distributors across India to maximize the reach and availability of your book through both ecommerce and physical distribution channels.

Ecommerce Distribution:
Our distributors facilitate book sales on various online platforms and charge a service fee. While many publishing houses face distribution fees of 50% to 65% of the MRP, Clever Fox Publishing has negotiated a significantly lower fee of just 45%. This advantageous rate ensures that authors receive a larger share of their book’s revenue while still enjoying comprehensive market exposure through top ecommerce channels.

Physical Distribution:
For physical distribution, we have established partnerships with prominent distributors who place your book in physical stores across India. Our city-based distribution model ensures that your book is available in key locations within major cities. This strategic placement maximizes visibility and accessibility to readers. For specific details about the cities included in our physical distribution network, please contact your publishing consultant. 

Please note that the availability and extent of these distribution services depend on the specific package you choose. Each package is designed to cater to different needs and budget considerations, providing you with flexible options to suit your publishing goals.

India Sales: There is a 55-day cycle, which will ensure you get funds regularly as per the sales accrued for a specific month. We don't have any payment threshold for India sales.

Example: Payment for January will come to you on the 25th of March.

International Sales: There is a 95-day cycle, which will ensure you get funds regularly as per the sales accrued for a specific month. We have a payment threshold for International sales. To know more about this contact your publishing consultant.

Example: Payment for January will come to you on the 5th of May.

The difference of the expenses incurred with the Selling Price determines the profit.
Expenses include production costs and distribution charges. From this Clever Fox takes a 37% processing fee.


International Sales Earnings

Let us assume, the Selling Price of a book is $9.80, and the production cost of the book is $2.99. Now, the profits would be calculated as

Profits = [Selling Price – (40% Distribution Cost on Selling Price + Production Cost)] – Processing Fee (37% of the profit amount after deducting distribution cost and production cost)

             = [$9.80 – ($3.92 + $2.99)] – 37%
             = [$9.80 – $6.91] – 37%
             = $2.89 – $1.06 = $1.82

You will earn $2.32 when sold via Amazon.com and other Amazon international websites.

International Expanded Distribution
Let us assume, the Selling Price of a book is $9.80, and the production cost of the book is $2.99 Now, the profits would be calculated as

Profits = [Selling Price – (60% Distribution Cost on Selling Price + Production Cost)]
                 – 37% Processing Fee

                 = [$9.80 – ($5.88 + $2.99)] – 37%
                 = [$9.80 – $8.87] – 37%
                 = $0.93 –$0.34 = $0.58

Through Ingram or expanded distribution, you will earn $0.58.

Please note that the calculation provided above applies to the Guided Publishing model. Earnings will vary under the Partnered Publishing model.

When a purchase is completed, a 15% processing fee is collected by Clever Fox Publishing for the eBook earnings on a monthly basis. This covers wire transfer charges international tax deductions as well as fluctuations in exchange rates.

The success of your book largely depends on effective marketing. With Clever Fox, we handle the publicity for you. Our marketing experts diligently promote your book across various channels included in your selected package. This effort ensures your book reaches stores and digital platforms in multiple countries, giving it the best chance to find its readers.

While we commit to leveraging our marketing strategies to boost visibility and attract attention, we cannot guarantee a specific number of copies sold. Ultimately, sales are influenced by the quality of the book's content and reader interest. We can create the buzz and draw potential readers, but the decision to purchase lies with them.

Based on the package, you choose the selling mediums and platforms. We have the ability to list your book on Amazon, Flipkart, Kobo, Barnes & noble, many more online retailers, and physical stores throughout the world.

Clever Fox Publishing provides you with transparent access to the sales data of your books directly from your Author Dashboard. Here, you can conveniently track the presence and performance of your books in the market. Our Clever Dashboard offers comprehensive insights into your sales activities with just a click. Sales figures for paperback editions in India are updated regularly, while ebook sales and international releases are updated on a monthly basis.

The availability of an ebook depends on the package you choose. With the exception of the Quick Publish and Clay packages, ebooks are included in all our other packages. It's important to note that we offer fixed-layout ebooks for complex books containing images and tables, while plain text books are developed in a reflowable format.

For more details, please consult your publishing consultant.

Clever Fox Publishing offers authors the option to purchase Author Copies (Direct Sales) at a subsidized price, determined by the print run and Maximum Retail Price (MRP). Authors can easily purchase these copies directly from our author dashboard after their book is published. Importantly, these sales are separate from author royalties. Authors are free to sell these copies or use them as needed without requiring permission from Clever Fox.

One round of corrections is allowed. Authors should provide the script, and our team will design the trailer accordingly. If the script is changed after we start working on the trailer, additional charges will apply. We develop video trailers using copyright-free footage and AI tools. If the footage does not meet your expectations, you must provide video clips or images for us to use.

Clever Fox offers white label publishing services, providing you with the option to remove the Clever Fox logo from your book for an additional fee. For further details on this option, please consult your publishing consultant or project manager.

We design author websites based on pre-built templates. Our marketing team will provide various template choices, allowing you to select the one that suits your needs. Please provide the content you want showcased on the website. Only one round of changes is included with your author website; additional rounds will incur extra charges.

If your package includes website design, it comes with one year of free server hosting and a one-time design setup. You can renew the server hosting plan annually, with charges applying after the first year. Please note that our packages do not cover the domain purchase. Authors need to purchase their domains independently, as domain registration requires identification details.

The publishing package fee is a one-time cost paid by the author. This fee is not required again for the same book if a reprint is necessary due to high demand. Generally, the payment is structured in three installments:

 - The first installment is due before work begins.

 - The second installment is due upon delivery of the edited manuscript, if editing is included in the package. If editing is not included, this installment is due at the first proof of the interior file and cover.

 - The final installment is due before the book is published. All marketing activities and author copies are processed after receiving this final installment.

If you still have doubts to be cleared in the publishing process, connect to us via +91 93537 91933 or mail your query to pu*****@cl*****************.com
Else, catch us for a coffee at our publishing house and let us discuss your dream!

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