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Imagine you’re cooking for the first time and you came across a recipe and grew the desire to cook it on your own. You know what the dish is and the main idea of how to cook it. But if you don’t know the accurate measurement of the ingredients and you randomly put them into the pan, will it give you the desired result? Or let’s say you wish to play soccer after watching few of the matches on TV. You are aware of the main methodology, but without knowing the techniques of playing it, will you be able to play it flawlessly? I know the answers are ‘NO’ and in order to achieve what you wish, you will need someone to guide you through the process. Or in other words, you’ll need a ‘COACH’ for Book writing.

Similarly, many times having a good idea or concept to write a book is not sufficient. You may write the book and get it published but without professionalism in the content, it is eventually going to fail to make a mark in the market. But if you get someone to put you through the writing process, then it will become “butter on bread” for you to break the records with your book. And that someone is no one other than an Author Coach.

An Author Coach is someone who understands the author’s ideology on the book and guides him step by step to achieve his goal. They connect with the author and try to build their understanding up to the level where they can easily judge the gaps in the concept and its logics, and develop an outline to provide a structure to the book. Not only this but they help in market research, identifying potential reader base, making decisions about distribution etc.

Here at Clever Fox Publishing, we provide you with India’s best Author Coaches to bring your idea into a book. They’re professionalized into taking the seed of your idea and turning it into a big fruitful tree. They listen to you, understand you and organize your thoughts to anatomize your book.

So, to get started, choose from the following:

Basic: Your session with your coach will be recorded and will be given to you for future reference.

Advanced: Your coach will be in touch with you from the beginning till the end for guiding you.

So fasten your seat belt to get started with the journey of making 


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