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Santosh Kumar Pokharel

I am a multilingual poet and the world poetry has been my platform. It’s a great feeling when something special touches my heart and I start jotting down words and weave them into lines and between lines of poems I try to locate my indivduum. This is how we poets live our lives. And now the scenario is a bit different when I am consciously attracted to the short stories of my friend and world-renowned writer Ahadov. I have translated his stories from Russian to English for you to enjoy bliss of contemporary Russian stories. I hope here Ahadov will be successful in justifying my assertion. Eldar Ahadov is an Azerbaijani renowned writer from Russia. He is equally skilled in prose and poetry where he not only chimes songs of Beauty and Nature but imparts his readers with some sweet lessons concealed in his writings. By profession a mining engineer surveyor and explorer of Siberian north there are already 63 books to his credit. This one is going to him as the 64th one in my English translation. About the work of Akhadov there are excellent reviews of such famous writers, poets and critics as Richard Berengaten (UK, Cambridge), Paolo Ruffilli (Italy), Eduardo Espina (USA and Uruguay), Mordechai Geldman (Israel), Alexander Karpenko (Russia) and so on. I have found him a man of pen in the real sense of the word. With profound pleasure I present this book Eldar Ahadov’s Stories to the readers. Every story in the book has some beautiful lesson for the readers. By saying this I appreciate this book for all age groups ranging from kids to adults.


The musical quality of a poem becomes unimaginable, when duende surges through it. The field composition, placement of words, metrical calculation, pondering over the tunes, far-fetched images, wide range of deliberation, and powerful sensibility have given Santosh Kumar Pokharel?s poetic creation an ephemeral height. When there is a subconscious invocation to Muses in one?s mind, and when one also becomes ready to express one?s sensibilities, an unworldly emotional overflow becomes very natural. The bestowal and reception must be simultaneous for a great creation. In this sense, creation emanates from unconsciousness to sub-consciousness (and then to consciousness?). Most of the creations from their very initial perception grow not in conscious reality, but in dreams. By their magnificence, Santosh Kumar Pokharel?s poems too seem to come from a dreamy and divine inspiration. Mr Pokharel is an engineer by profession and a poet by creative deliberation. Therefore, naturally, his poems are a blend of the art of engineering and the art of literary presentation. He amazingly balances between the structure and the flow of his imagination in his poems.

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