Pearl Sudan

Pearl Sudan, The Poetess was born on 5th December in Delhi, India and had been very observant of her surroundings and had been converting her observations and feelings into hymns at a tender age of thirteen years. She had a natural flair for writing English Poetry to convey to convey her thoughts. During her visits to various places throughout India and abroad, she tend to develop a bonding with nature and its habitants. She has a God gifted quality to peep into the minds of the fellow beings and put these feelings on paper. As she enters into the voting age, she is sure to shake your innerself and force you to see beyond the visible through her poetry in future as well.


Pixiedust Ink is a debutant effort of a young and budding author Pearl Sudan, The Poetess, in which various shades of poetry are illuminated. It covers Nature, Love, Relationships, Abstract, Feelings, Imagination, Bravery, Motivation, Women Empowerment and so on. It?s a reminiscence of the power of a teenager observing the environment around her, converting them into poetic shades through adulthood. The collection of poems in Pixiedust Ink is sure to grab your attention and titillate your nerves to satiate your literary wants. It generates the interest of an avid reader who gets engrossed into the world created by the author through her writings. It nurtures the feeling of ecstasy as you read through the poems one by one. At certain places it gives you inner strength to go on in life while at others it gives you watery eyes full of emotions. It takes you through natural phenomena which you might not have observed to eerie things we do to nature. Sometimes it fills you with motivation to get up and seek what you deserve to calm you down a bit to relax and live your present. Overall, it?s a must have in your library and forever relevant in your life whether you are a student, teenager, young, adult, women or old and retired. It fills you with energy to do more with your life.

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