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Tara Singh

Dr. Tara Singh, well known Hindi Litterateur, a versatile writer, taking keen interests in writing Poems, Short Stories, Novels, Gazals, Filmy Songs and Essay Books. She always deals with real facts and original aspects of relationships between individuals / family members / friends. She illustrates not only the pleasant pictures of our lives but also sometimes the resulting development like grief, despair, betrayals and disloyalties, while writing about Social and Family issues, Personal and Social delicacies, Philosophy of life and reality of Birth and Death Cycles, etc. With publication of 40 books to her credit, she is presently working as the Editor-in-Chief and Administrator of www.swargvibha.com (A leading Hindi Website) and the Swargvibha Hindi Quarterly Magazines. She has got wide applauses for her emotional and thoughtful Poems and Gazals. Dr. Tara Singh's outstanding works have been duly recognized and she has already been awarded with 253 Honorary degrees / felicitations / trophies from both National and International Organizations of repute. Her writings/books are now available at www.swargvibha.com, www.kukufm.com (as Audiobooks), Google books, www.amazon.in, www.flipkart.com, Insta Publishing, BookLeaf Publishing, Suman Publications, www.pothi.com and all Central and State Libraries in India and 30 other important websites world over, etc. Her Biography has been published by Barnes and Noble (USA 2011), 9 times in Who's Who (2006-2019) published by Rifacimento International, and Wikipedia. Her writings are always full of serious thoughts, topics, pace of happenings and philosophy of personal and social aspects of our lives. We pray for her long and healthy life, so that she continues contributing to the treasure of Hindi Literature.


‘निबंध सरिता’, मेरे निबंध की दूसरी कड़ी है| इसके पहले मैं आपलोगों के समक्ष ‘रम्यतटी’ निबंध-संग्रह आपकी सेवा में पेश कर चुकी हूँ| पहले तो मैं बताना चाहूँगी, निबंध क्या है? निबंध गद्य लेखन की एक विधा है| दुनिया की प्रत्ये्येक भाषा के साहित्य के अतीत और वर्तमान में, काल-प्रवाह के साथ वैचारिक और सांस्कृति क परिणतिय ों के फलस्व रूप कुछ शताब्दिय ों के बाद, प्रा चीन और नवीन का भेद स्प ष्ट त: लक्षि त होने लगता है| जिसे हम मध्यकालीन इति हास या आधुनिक इति हास कहते हैं| हिंदी साहित्य के आधुनिक युग में ‘भारतेन्दु ्दु’ और उनके सहयोगिय ों से निबन्ध लिखने की परम्प रा का आरंभ होता है| -तारा सिहं

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