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Dinesh Sahay

An Award-Winning Author of ten books (including current book). He received two best author awards and Trophy in a Book Fair in Kolkata for his book, “Miracles Through My eyes” and also by Critic Space Online Journal for a best debut novel. His recent books are; "Story of Unbelievable Miracles of Life" and "Jeevan Ke Kuch Adbhut Pal". He has written ten books, six in English, three in Hindi and one in the Tamil language (which is a translated version) of his book, “Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell?”. Among other books his best books are; “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune”, “Art of Staying Young While Growing Old”, “Mastishk aur Vicharo se Jeevan Ki Rachna Kaise Kare?”, “Vradh hone par Yuva Rahne ki Kala”.

Languages:English, Hindi, Tamil
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