Our society has been abating women?s equal contribution and equal rights. Thus, women as a peripheral in all fields, undesirably, always consider as a second priority. This animus situation now a bash us. In literature, it has been seen that women?s writing have not been received as such significant value (for which they really deserve) and equal recognition like all other poets, novelists and dramatists have been receiving among all periods (in literature ages). In addition, the social impact aghast us, as simultaneously, it can be seen in literature as well. After many years, it becomes a subject matter and women?s writing is trying to create its place through the obstruction of the gender issues in writing. We abstain to give her recognition for which she deserves, this afflicts me always. Thus, I started to work on WOMEN?s anthology where I give them a platform to share their ideas with all of us. Albeit, patriarchal dominancy does not ail and will never wipe out historical women?s important role and contribution. During this pandemic time, many people feel alone, anxious and scared of Corona. Although, most of the women are working as nurses, doctors and working in the front line to save our lives. We can see that women?s role is significant in the social, economic, health, political and all other fields. Similar to this, in literature women?s valuable contribution is also important to sketch their ideas and have an equal contribution.

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