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Love that became a story

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Anand Kumar Taneja

Anand Kumar Taneja is a Certified NLP and Life coach, pre- placement trainer and now an author also. He resides in Dehradun which is the capital city of Uttarakhand. He has a Master's degree in English Literature & currently gives session on mind conditioning to clients all over the India. His objective is to make people have control over their emotions, in simple language he provides a virtual remote control to people so that they can make their mind work according to their wish "Train your brain". He is also called from College & Universities for pre- placement training. He never thought of becoming an author, he was more into writing poetry during his school days. While pursuing his graduation he thought of writing his own story and after 7 long years his debut novel finally got published with the name - "Love that became a story" that was dedicated to the girl whom in fell in love when he was 13 years old. instagram - reviving_writer & anand_k_taneja2013 facebook - reviving writer, Anand kumar taneja


Everybody has a love story; some are mutual and while some ends with school life. This is one such some are one-sided. Most of them starts budding during school life, when we are not matured enough to understand the new emotions and sensations for the very first time. Some stories are everlasting story that started during school life, when Anand fell in love with his junior, Swati. He made uncountable efforts to get the same love back that he always had for her. When all his efforts went into vain, he was stuck with a question – “How can he prove his love for her?”.

Dive-in the story to find out, how he proved his love.

Relive your school life with the teenage love story, loaded with craziness, purity, endless hope and love.

16 reviews for Love that became a story

  1. Avatar

    ajay rawat

    This is the first novel that I have read based on real story. I totally enjoyed reading it, it felt as if it was my own story, i could totally relate with it. Full of suspense, i was eager to know – what will happen next, that made me read the whole story in just two days.

  2. Avatar


    Pure heart touching and eternal love story. Loved reading it.

  3. Avatar

    Shraddha Dusane ❤️

    Have you ever gone mad in love? Have you ever tried harder to make it yours? Have you ever crossed all your boundaries just to have a glance of him/her?…….
    Read New Sensational, Heart touching novel, Love that became a Story by Anand Kumar Taneja.
    I would definitely recommend, bcoz everyone at some point in their life have fallen in love. I seriously got to relive my school life with this amazing love story. Happy Reading ❤️

  4. Avatar

    Shital S More

    Definitely I recommend this bcoz O believe in love n every Lovestory is Special & Unique in it’s own ways ❤️ Really Grt,and all the best for your future projects!

  5. Avatar


    Amazing work!
    I loved way everything is portrayed.. every young heart must read it. Keep it up. All the best for future writings. Eagerly waiting for next one.

  6. Avatar

    Nack B


  7. Avatar

    Shefali goel

    When I started the book, while reading, I too felt a bit cheesy, all this madness, love n all. I mean how can a person love someone so madly, when the other one has not encouraged U. But then when I reached towards the end I couldn’t stop thinking and remembered Shahrukh’s Ae dil hai mushkil dialogue ” Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai auron ke rishton ki tarah yeh do logon mein nahi batti, sirf mera haq hai ispe, sirf mera”.
    The first thing I ended up was trying to search Swati on social network 😬😬. It’s an amazing read and in lucid writing style. One feels that Anand is just sitting next to us and telling us his story. Further update awaited.. May b a 2nd book. Take my booking from now itself.. whenever it is published, I need a signed copy.

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    Aastha anand

    This book is the teenage love story of the author where he makes the readers go through his school days, how he fell for his junior Swati, how he was not able to convey his feelings to her, trying to contact her through facebook or orkut after she changed her number after shifting to Delhi, then being friends with her and realizing they could never become ‘we’.
    The books start with Anand talking about his school days and how he first time saw Swati and developed special feelings for him. We get to live the moments of his teenage one- sided love story. Yes, it is one- sided love story where the author talks about how he felt about Swati, the thoughts he had at that time and the things he did to get her and prove his love to her. The way Anand has talked about his school days, his friends and Dehradun, it took me back to my school days, my friends, having a crush on someone and then doing every possible cute little thing to get to see them, be near them and doing stuff around them so that they notice you. Slam book was back then one pf the main excuse to get to talk to your crush.
    On one hand, I went down the lane to my school days on the other there were things that triggered me like stalking and obsession. There were moments when Anand, followed Swati just to get to know where she lives and later also goes and stands in front of her college gate so that he could get a glimpse of her. It gave me major stalker vibes, he was just so obsessed with her that even after she told that she was not interested in being anything more than “friends”, he kept on ignoring the word friends and always thought about how he could prove his love to her. All that mattered to him at that point was he loved her and wanted to prove his love.
    At times while reading, I got so angry with Anand and I was like noooooo… you don’t do that, like can’t you just understand that she doesn’t want you obviously. But the thing was he was a 13-year-old guy when he fell for Swati so at that age not everyone understands the meaning of their actions that much. I liked the fact that he didn’t censor these things and told the tale with honesty. Overall, it was a nice read for me.

  9. Avatar


    It’s a fantastic story, must read, for everyone who fell in love once, or about to realise how beautiful things would be, before and after..thanks

  10. Avatar

    Gargi srivastav

    This book had every emotions of life be it a childhood, adulthood, friendship or loving someone with all heart. I’d loved this book from the starting to its end. There was always a curiosity to know what happened next and with each passing chapter, I found some interesting lessons to be learnt.
    Thanks to Anand Sir who beautifully engraved his feelings into words which is hard to describe.
    Also I’d recommended this book to my bestfriends.

  11. Avatar

    Gunjan talwar

    This book is a must read i say.It takes back to our school days in which almost every teenager has experienced the same set of emotions.You feel connected to the book,even at some points you start feeling that the story is about you.Story length is apt ,neither to big nor too small.Once you start reading you can’t close the book till it’s finished.❤️❤️

  12. Avatar

    Pallavi Srivastava

    The story was written with so much honesty that not even single time I felt that this only happens in books or movies. All the incidents happend or the effort made by Anand felt so real. Like I was watching the whole story as the third spectator of his life. Every conversation between him and his friend made me remember all my buddies from school. The power of attraction and love on which we don’t have any control . It can make us do everything for that one person . One sided love is so pure that just to see her or talk to her Anand actually made uncountable efforts. The last meeting touched me so much that he actually tried to give her every thing she would have liked and the confession of love was so pure that I can’t describe in my words you can just feel it.
    Loved the book ❤️❤️✨✨

    Like she said ‘Ananddd’ I would like to wish him..All the best for this amazing book 👍👍👍

    I will be waiting for your next book.❤️❤️

  13. Avatar

    Priyanka jha

    As you all know that I love to read novels, specially based on real life love stories..Though it’s a love story but still its different from the previous one..bcz this time I have experienced the most beautiful teenage love story that happened in the school days..yeah I know a majority of the people have experienced this emotion in their school days,but probably most of them will deny publically..well it’s okay,its totally upon you that you admit or not but that’s the truth and the writer of the story has not only accepted this feeling of love but also promised himself to tell the world that love has no conditions..its a one sided love story or might be she fell for him later but couldn’t get that courage to express her feelings,well its just an assumption😉
    If you are really missing your school days,go and read this book,I am damm sure you will start recalling all your school days memories and buddies too..
    Yesterday,While reading this I have skipped my evening walk,my craft project and specially my night now I dont need to tell you that how much interesting this novel is..

    Now I am eagerly waiting for your next piece of work

  14. Avatar


    So I ordered this book as soon as I got to know it’s a school life love story. This book is for all those people who have been waiting to read a school life love story that was so pure and soulful.
    This book is a rollercoaster of Friendship, Love, Fate, Seperation, and what not. One must definitely read it for you don’t wanna miss out the purest phase of love and friendship. I’ll lie if i say I haven’t cried after reading it coz it’s so relatable. I could literally visualise the scenario the author was going through and I’m sure u’ll do too. It’s really hard to confess ur love and to love someone so badly when in return u get nothing but somewhere deep down u have loved them wid all ur heart. I could eventually connect to the author’s emotions as it’s one sided love story and many of us have fallen in love wid a person whom v cud never have in our life but always loved from distant. If you are one of them then u shud definitely put ur hands on dis book without a second thought.
    I have no idea if my review will do justice to the book but there’s much more to dig into it once u read it urself. One must definitely have it in der book collection, Icm sure u won’t regret it, mark my words ❤️
    Author has really taken so much currage to put it out der. U deserve d best in ur life and I’m serious.
    Can’t really wait to read d second book if ur writing any😃
    All the very best for this book and d success ur gonna make soon😊

  15. Avatar


    Once you start reading this book, you will feel those butterflies in your stomach again, that you felt for your first love in school. Yes. You will relate with everything. Every special moment, you had, that got buried in your heart somewhere,you forgot long back, will be cherished again.well I enjoyed reading this a lot on a rainy day, with a cup of hot tea. And I am sure others will enjoy this too ❤

  16. Avatar


    Love is a topic that you can’t get in books bt you’ll definitely experience your’s first in school.. As we all have a love story from that period.. Some open.. Some closed.. Some one – sided.. Some both.. And here is a awesome journey of one sided love of anand.. Which make you believe in your owns.. From momos to momordica charantia.. From orkut, fb to whatsapp.. From landline to first keypad wala phone.. M sure you’ll relate yourself with.. Its just a wave of words which will make you feel fresh.. Just the way a first drop of rain smells on a dry muddy land.

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