How To Move To India: And Feel like a Fish Thrown into Water


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Why are so many Americans looking to retire abroad?
Why do Indian Americans harbor thoughts of moving back to India?
What are the advantages of moving to India?
Can an Indian American transition successfully to a life in India and what are the pitfalls?
How does one go about planning for the move?
What are the problems one can anticipate during the move?
Once you move, how do you settle down in India?
If you are thinking of moving to India, read on to get the answer to all your questions. This book is primarily intended for people of Indian origin who have worked in the US or some other Western country and are thinking about returning to India. That should not preclude a non-Indian from reading this to get an understanding of certain aspects of life in India and the culture of the people there. There are many people who are not of Indian origin who have lived in India for an extended period successfully. In addition to details of planning and the process of moving and settling down in India, this book delves into the differences between life in the West and life in India and how to adapt after moving to India.
At the end of each chapter in this book are sections called “My Story” that describe my life and experiences as an immigrant in the US over the last thirty-five years. This is so that the readers can get an idea of what life in the US is like and how it contrasts with life in India. Indian readers who aspire to go to the US may find these sections interesting as they may acquaint them with the American way of life and the cultural differences. Non-Indian readers may also find the life of an Indian immigrant somewhat amusing to learn about. I have tried to keep these sections interesting and light by illustrating them with real anecdotes from my life. You can skip these sections if all you are interested in are the technical aspects of how to move to India and what to do when you get there, but many of you may find these sections engaging and useful.
This book will help you decide if you should take the plunge and move to India. It discusses the pros and cons of moving to India mostly from the perspective of an Indian American and help you mentally prepare and feel confident that you have made the right decision, whether you decide to move or not. It will help you plan for your move if you do decide to move. It will help you with the process of moving and settling down in India. If you do move, it will help you feel like “a fish thrown into water.”. That is what I say to people when asked how I feel after moving to India.


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