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Are you working for a corporate? Do you want to rise to the top rungs of the corporate ladder? Did you ever wonder why only a few chosen ones get to rise to the top? Do you really want to know how to move up the ladder faster, much faster than usual? This book is for you. You might also have some of these questions listed below.

  • How can I rise to the top most levels in my organization?
  • Do I deserve to reach to the top?
  • Are there some specific skills I need to learn?
  • If yes, what are those skills and from where can I learn those?
  • Do I need to learn leadership skills to move up? How do I learn them?
  • Can someone help me move up in my organization?
  • How can I quickly learn what is required and just move up the ladder fast?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, I suggest you to read the book cover-to-cover? I guarantee you will get immense benefits. Read the book to find these answers coming from experience of my own and that of others. It is very much possible to move up the corporate ladder much faster than usual. Most people are not aware of these skills, especially when they are in twenties, thirties and even in forties. By the time, they realize it is probably too late from your active career perspective, although you can utilize these skills even in later stages. Try applying the learnings in your career and see the results. Usually, we need help from a coach to imbibe the principles and get quick benefits. Do get in touch with me if you need more help.

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