Tolerant India


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India is most tolerant state since ancient period. Ancient Indian valuable texts had been developed with tolerant sagas. All scientific invention world noticed in present time is either invented by Indian sagas or with the help of the sutras propounded by them.
Einstein had accepted this fact that all west invented in modern days, were basically invented in ancient India. In Europe, scientist like Galileo was imprisoned for his invention that earth revolves round the sun, which was against the belief of Christianity. This is not the single event. There are many like it. Contrarily in India new thoughts and inventions have all along been encouraged. Religion, politics, social and scientific activities had been nurtured simultaneously in India. It is to be mentioned that patience, argument, listening of dissent views are some of the most common features of scientific development. All these traits are the basic elements of tolerance; have ever been crowned India.
In medieval period India faced several Islamic and European invasions and frequently lost her freedom. They could do it easily as Indians were most Tolerant
India is the only country with divergent culture, language and food habits. The unity in diversity is the identity and strength of India. It was only possible due to Tolerant indigenous populations.

In recent years India is being projected as most intolerant state, particularly after PM Modi took the reins of India. In fact, major shift has been infused in India’s governesses. India has emerged as most strong state. It has agitated conspirators . As such they started to paint India and PM Modi as intolerant. Modi is one of most tolerant leader India ever have. But he is intolerant against enemy of India and evils and weaknesses that have captured Indian society. India was, is and would remain most Tolerant. All these facts have been talked in different articles of this book, ‘Tolerant India’.

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