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self-publishing process

self-publishing process

While self-publishing a book, the author needs to understand the process of publishing books. Publishing one’s book is a very difficult journey, but one must navigate the whole ordeal systematically.

The publication of the book takes place in phases

The first step in self-publishing is the preparation and editing of the manuscript. The editing process is further divided into three categories. 

First, the material as a whole is edited where plot or character trait modifications occur. The next step is copy editing in which grammatical errors are checked line by line. Finally, after designing a book, the text is proofread to remove all spelling and punctuation errors. This sequence of editing should be followed for better result. During the designing of the book, the interior of the book is designed or formatted and during this cover designing can also be done. It should be noted that the formatting of e-books and print books is different. The author may also want a personal website.

Once the book is ready, the post-publication steps need to be taken care of. The price needs to be fixed and good copywriting should be done to attract the readers. The description should be attractive and convincing. Then distribution and sales have to be looked at.

Publishing with a reputable company usually covers this area and helps distribute on various platforms around the world, and some publishers even have their own e-stores. Lastly, good publicity needs to be done by the publishing company and the author to help the book to reach its potential readers. One can use methods like book giveaways, special discounts and Participating in literary events and conferences to promote their books.

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