The 9 Success Secrets of Self-Made Prodigy: Discover How To Develop Extraordinary Learning, Unleash Infinite Potential, And Boost Your Productivity Just Like A Genius


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Learn how ordinary learners achieve extraordinary learning results!
Do you keep asking yourself, “Who is a prodigy?”
What makes a child prodigy?
Why does a person become the person he becomes?
Why does a little boy or little girl grow up to be the kind of person he or she becomes?
Most of us are using somewhere around 5% of our real potential?
It means we are giving only 5% of ourselves to what we are doing?
That is why we only have 5% of the fun, 5% of the joy, and 5% of the rewards we could have.
According to experts, we all have vast reservoirs of abilities that even geniuses frequently fail to use.
What is success? Why isn’t everyone successful?
Do you want to know the answers to these questions?
Do you want to understand more about getting success yourself?
The 9 Success Secrets of Self-Made PRODIGY is all about maximizing your full potential by developing Strong Belief System and Right Mindset.
This concise and practical book offers a step-by-step formula for becoming a genius, regardless of where you begin.
This will be your guide to learn how to
• Set goals
• Make plans, and
• Access your hidden assets
to achieve more of what you truly desire from life.
Strengthen your Learning style, nurture Time Management Skills and become highly Productive just like a Genius!
Learn about the challenges that a self-made prodigy faces as well as the steps to overcome these obstacles.
Use the tried-and-true strategies and ideas to propel you forward faster than ever imagined!
What should you do to use those ideas and implement them to achieve success?
The 9 SUCCESS SECRETS of a Self-Made Prodigy demonstrates how anyone, regardless of where they are in life at the time, can become a Prodigy by using these strategies.
How to overcome the Fear of Failures?
What are different types of Goals, and how to set your goals?
Learn to develop
Critical Thinking Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Application based Learnings
How to apply the Newton’s Laws in setting goals and achieving success?
How can deliberate actions aid in the learning process?
Understand the Art of Learning.
4 Basic Steps to fast Learning
3 R’s Formula
DFL Concept
Developing Flow in your Learning Process
Productivity Improvement Techniques
Application of Pareto’s Principle in setting your priorities
ABCD Analysis for prioritizing any task.
How to best utilize your time?
Importance of Internal as well as External Environment in becoming a Genius
Collaborating and Accountability
Reverse Engineering Formula
Performing Under Pressure
Setting and achieving Deadlines
Overcoming Procrastination
Be Proactive.
Harness your full potential and upgrade the quality of your learning and understanding.
Get your copy now.

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