The books published by are now a part of Clever Fox Publishing!

To increase our book distribution network and author base, we have taken over the operation of, a Chennai-based book publisher from 8th Feb 2023. The transition process has started and books published under will now be under the imprint of Clever Fox Publishing. We are moving all the books in batches and the authors have been communicated about these changes by the buuks team.


Clever Fox Publishing is India’s fastest-growing, end-to-end, hybrid book publisher. Our exemplary distribution network spreads across 150+ countries and a highly engaged community of 18,000+ members. We have been bringing out diverse literary voices in all Indian languages, focusing strongly on hybrid models of publishing—guided publishing and partnered publishing. Clever Fox provides end-to-end service to the authors starting from author coaching, publishing, marketing and distribution.

Owing to the high volume of books, we have segregated them into batches. We request you be active in email. You can expect an email with the subject line ‘Clever Fox Publishing | Your Author Account Has Been Created | Buuks Transition’. When you receive this email, please log in to the author dashboard using the credentials shared through the email and complete the author agreement. After you complete the author agreement, we will start with the listing of the same.

Our team is working on changing the details of the publication. Once the same is completed, they will start with listing and it is expected to be completed within 7-10 business days. We are going to offer Amazon Prime listing to the authors whose books are above MRP of Rs 210.

There will be no changes to your old listing on Amazon and Flipkart except for the publisher’s name.

No charge will be applied for the distribution. We have received your distribution platforms from the Buuks team. But in case you need any additional add-ons, you can purchase them from us.

Yes, you will be able to do the same once the book is marked ‘Published’ in our author dashboard. At Clever Fox, it is very simple. You can purchase author copies at a discounted price from your author dashboard. You can find a tab named “Book Order”. Place the order and once the book is shipped you will be notified by email. You can also refer to the ‘author order section’ in the author dashboard to find your courier tracking id.


We will share the details of the point of contact through email which is going to happen in batches to serve all the authors equally.

Now all the policies will be the same as Clever Authors. To know more, please refer to our FAQ page for Clever Authors.


We request you get in touch with buuks team and get your settlement completed. We will take care of the royalty for the books sold through us.

Yes, it is possible with additional charges and if the source file is available with buuks team.

Yes, we can provide you with some additional charges. Please contact our sales team about this. The team can be contacted at 9353791933.

We request you please check your spam folder in your mailbox. If you are unable to find them, please get in touch with the buuks team. They have sent an email to all the authors whose books are moving to us.

Welcome to the community of Clever Authors!


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