Clever Fox Publishing is a renowned Hybrid Publisher established in 2015. Based in Chennai and Bangalore, we do the noble deed of printing books and publicizing them in the global market.

With Clever Fox Publishing, the wanna be authors can create, print, and sell their books to readers in all nooks and crannies of the world. Not just books, we assist in printing thesis, research works, and writings for journals.

For Self Publishing, we welcome all aspiring writers and accept creations of all genres.

For Traditional publishing, we accept only academic books.

For Partnered Publishing, we accept fiction, non-fiction and Children books.

Authors can publish their books in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook formats.

As the name suggests, you will get a dedicated team of experts to guide and perfect every aspect of your book. From Editing, guiding to write a better story, cover design, images, illustrations, page formatting to book marketing, we support you through all the processes.
Upon reviewing and approval of the book, an ISBN will be assigned and the manuscript will be sent for cover and book interior design. With frequent inputs from your end, the entire process will be managed by Clever Fox with absolute transparency.

For partnership publishing we are looking for critically created assorted content which has a wide audience. Once we receive the manuscript, it will be reviewed by our team of EIC and reviewers. And as it is said "Patience is bitter but it's fruit is sweet", we will try to get back to you within two weeks! Keep writing and believe in yourself.

ISBN stands for 'International Standard Book Number'. It is a unique 13 digit identification number that booksellers and libraries use to identify books, magazines, newspapers, or other publications. Each version of the book namely Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook versions comes with an individual ISBN.
DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is assigned for journal articles to give its identity.

The words are yours; The ideas are yours; The hard work is yours; So the rights of the content are completely YOURS!
Like the boat that helps to cross the river, we sail you through the publication process and help you to reach the market land. Clever Fox doesn’t own your content and the author has lifetime ownership. Whereas Clever Fox holds the right for the ISBN applied by them and also the interior design prepared by them.

Please consider closely the factors that determine cost. First the number of pages, the size of the final volume with the number of pages needed to be in colour or only black and white, will factor in to determine cost of production.
The final print-ready file will help a more accurate projection of the book’s cost.

It entirely depends on the production cost. Factors like the number of pages, content, and finish of the book determine it. You can use our online calculator to estimate it.

Expenses are subtracted from the MRP [maximum retail price]. This covers production inputs as also distribution. Profit = MRP – Expenses (Production Cost + Distribution Cost).

For example: The book is prices at ₹300/-.  Printing Cost incurred is ₹80/-
We can conclude ₹300 – [₹80 (print cost) + ₹135 (distribution cost)] = ₹85

₹85/- per book will be the earning through sales on all eCommerce sites like Amazon.in, Flipkart.


Clever Store (Online)

Clever Fox Publishing will charge a 20% fee towards distribution
on all online store orders to cover Payment Processing and Order Fulfilment Costs.


Clever Store (Physical)

Profit will be calculated as
 ₹300 – (₹80 (print cost) + ₹180 (distribution cost)) = ₹40 

Author Earnings

Clever Store (Online) = ₹160

Clever Store (Physical) = ₹40
Other Online Stores = ₹85

You are the commander here. You can set the limitation at the start. Moving forward, copies can be printed depending on your need. The only condition is that all the copies to be printed by Clever Fox Publishing with help of our printers.

Clever Fox Publishing has a network of leaders in book distribution in India. Our distributors charge a fee to enable book sales to attend orders on our books over a myriad of platforms. Publishing Houses have a range of payments for this service up to 50%–65% of MRP. Yet Clever Fox Publishing has successfully negotiated the distributor fee to only 45% for all our distributors. This ensures the maximum benefit to authors while still enables a wide coverage of the market for sales.

India Sales: There is a 45-day cycle, which will ensure you get funds regularly as per the sales accrued for a specific month. We don't have any payment threshold for India sales.

Example: Payment for January will come to you on the 15th of March.

International Sales: There is a 95-day cycle, which will ensure you get funds regularly as per the sales accrued for a specific month. We have a payment threshold for International sales. To know more about this contact your publishing consultant.

Example: Payment for January will come to you on the 5th of May.

The difference of the expenses incurred with the Selling Price determines the profit.
Expenses include production costs and distribution charges. From this Clever Fox takes a 37% processing fee.


International Sales Earnings

Let us assume, the Selling Price of a book is $9.80, and the production cost of the book is $2.99. Now, the profits would be calculated as

Profits = [Selling Price – (40% Distribution Cost on Selling Price + Production Cost)] – Processing Fee (37% of the profit amount after deducting distribution cost and production cost)

             = [$9.80 – ($3.92 + $2.99)] – 37%
             = [$9.80 – $6.91] – 37%
             = $2.89 – $1.06 = $1.82

You will earn $2.32 when sold via Amazon.com and other Amazon international websites.

International Expanded Distribution
Let us assume, the Selling Price of a book is $9.80, and the production cost of the book is $2.99 Now, the profits would be calculated as

Profits = [Selling Price – (60% Distribution Cost on Selling Price + Production Cost)]
                 – 37% Processing Fee

                 = [$9.80 – ($5.88 + $2.99)] – 37%
                 = [$9.80 – $8.87] – 37%
                 = $0.93 –$0.34 = $0.58

Through Ingram or expanded distribution, you will earn $0.58.

When a purchase is completed, a 15% processing fee is collected by Clever Fox Publishing for the eBook earnings on a monthly basis. This covers wire transfer charges international tax deductions as well as fluctuations in exchange rates.

It solely depends on the impact of book marketing. If you are under the belt of Clever fox, we take care of the publicity part. Our marketing experts put in all efforts to spread and e-spread the word across all marketing channels. In several countries, your book will be in the stores and the right marketing tactics will make your book find its readers.
With free publishing, you are responsible for the sale numbers. If you think you can pull it off, head on!

Based on the package, you choose the selling mediums and platforms. We have the ability to list your book on Amazon, Flipkart, Kobo, Barnes & noble, many more online retailers, and physical stores throughout the world.

Clever Fox Publishing will ensure you have access to clarity accuracy of the number of books you sell right from your Author Dashboard. Here you can easily account for your books in the market. Our Clever Dashboard showcases all the details of the sale happenings in a click. The sale of paperback in India is updated weekly twice. Also, the sales through ebooks and international releases are updated monthly once.

It depends on the package you select. Except for the Clay package, you get the ebook for all our other packages.

Clever Fox Publishing provides authors an option to purchase Author Copies (Direct Sales) at a subsidized price determined by the print run and the MRP.

Clever Fox offers white label publishing services, providing you with the option to remove the Clever Fox logo from your book for an additional fee. For further details on this option, please consult your publishing consultant or project manager.

If you still have doubts to be cleared in the publishing process, connect to us via +91 93537 91933 or mail your query to publish@cleverfoxpublishing.com
Else, catch us for a coffee at our publishing house and let us discuss your dream!

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