Role of Authors in Marketing a Book

Book marketing is a crucial part of book publishing. Even if your book has the potential to become a best seller, no one can expect that once the book is printed, it will sell on its own. There are too many books out there in the market and what makes your book apart from them is marketing.

Book marketing is the joint effort of author and publisher. While the publisher carries out a lot of preparations for your book, the author also need to work hard to make his/her name known.

Role of Authors in Marketing a Book

The easiest way to promote a book is through the author’s social media handles. If the author is already active on a handful of popular social media platforms, interacting with readers, it serves as an ideal way of marketing the book. If they are not, they should start building such platforms, because there is no better way to easily access the audience’s opinion and attention. Social media also helps in building a positive image of the author. Readers are more likely to buy the book of an author whom they’ve heard of. If they haven’t, they will search for the author’s name in google. What opens up in front of them largely determines whether they will proceed with the idea of buying your book.

Authors can join organizations that are related to the specific genre they are writing in. They can actively participate in speaking engagements arranged by these organizations, which will provide the authors with an opportunity to share their perspectives, experiences and the milestones they have achieved to complete a book. 

Other marketing strategies include arranging book tours, giveaways and contests regarding the genre of the book. Such programs will keep the author in the limelight, frequently reminding the reader the existence of the book.

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