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Read India Celebration 2021

Read India Celebration

We are happy to announce the collaboration with Read India Celebration and we are a co-partner for the Read India Celebration 2021 event


What is Read India Celebration 2021?

Read India Celebration (International) is not a competition but a grand stage to celebrate emerging readers, emerging knowers, emerging gyani’s, vidyavan and leaders from India and across the world. It’s an annual Readership and Leadership festival for school (standard 5th – 12th) & college (undergraduate & graduate) students. A platform to celebrate knowledge and propagators of Gyan and Independent Thinking (Jagruth Swatantra Soonch) based culture. It’s a stage to reinforce the value and importance of Gyan & Independent Thinking as the only means to prosperity & peaceful coexistence.

A stage to remind students that our ignorance, ignorant people & ignorant societies are the greatest threat to our own wellness, humanity, and the ecosystem we live in. RIC is a platform to empower Shikshit (literate) to become Vidyavan. A platform where every participant is a winner in their own way. Students can read the nominated book, suggested books, books of their own choice on, read their own self, their own experiences, role models, “Mother Nature” or events in the history of their own choice to express their views & feelings on the nominated topic (s) / topic of their own choice.

In year 2020, students from more than 25 states across India participated while 2015, over 100,000 students participated in Read India Celebrations essay writing event. This year we are targeting to reach 1 Crore Students.

*RIC 2020 national news (ZEE TV & WION TV episodes) can be watched at the following linkhttps://readindia.info/


Transition to Vidyavan (knowledge based) society from a Shikshit (literate) society

Why Read India Celebration?

“Only knowledge-based cultures manifest into knowledge-based economies which pave the way to prosperity and harmony”. This initiative is to sow/enhance seeds of “Gyan and Leadership through Readership (i.e. reading books & self)” at school and college levels. From a known we can get to the unknown, never the other way round. No knowledge, no wellbeing is one of the key messages of RIC. For every person / society the journey to growth & success begins from knowing where they are? To keep it simple, only knowledge-based cultures can be progressive.

Proposed Topic

  • Use, addiction and abuse of technology
  • Can technology potentially hamper youth of nations/world if not used appropriately?

Why this topic for 2021?

Children & youth world over are increasingly spending more time on technology, gadgets, the internet, gaming, social media, TV, etc. with the advent of the Corona pandemic. According to research, children and youth all over the world are exposed to enormous risks & dangers with increased exposure to technology and the only viable solution is increased awareness amongst students and youth who can draw the line between use and abuse, utility and futility of technology.

Cadence & Rules for RIC 2021

  • Students can read the nominated books based on their choice on the nominated topic or a topic of their own choice (e.g., changes in lifestyle due to corona pandemic, the difference between Shiksha (literacy) & Vidya (education), Measure of Education, Knowledge-based societies Vs Commerce based societies, Sports & Youth, Role of education in the evolution of a society, etc.). The book details will be shared soon by Clever Fox Publishing and RIC.
  • Submit a summary/findings/review of the book/topic in not more than 1000 words (less than 2 A4 size pages, hand written or typed) along with 1 novel idea to solve any household/street/community/regional/national/international issue (e.g. Impact of ignorant leaders on societies/nations, commercially driven public policies, agrarian problems, drying of rivers, depletion of ground water levels, traffic problems, decongestion of cities, obstruction to normal life due to street protests, river/air pollution, sea contaminations etc.) by uploading it to the www.readindia.info website from students dashboard by 31st June, 2021 with the unique registration # shared post online registration. Please do not mention name on the written submission.

*Additionally, students are requested to post 1/2 min videos about reading books & their experience of RIC2021 or the problem/issue they want to address / have solved as part of RIC 2021. The videos however can have a 10 – 20 sec self intro of the participant.

  • Submissions will be evaluated for a total of 100 points (i.e. 20 points each for content, communication, research rigor, depth in understanding of the topic & creativity in solving the problem they chose to address). Note: If the selected topic is of student’s own choice, evaluation will still happen for 100 points, but the evaluation criteria will be at the discretion of the evaluators. Choice of topic, originality & depth of analysis, summarization and the uniqueness of the idea in solving the issue will get highest weightage.

*Reiterating – Originality, Research Rigor, Communication, Independent Thinking & Creativity in the submission will be key.

  • Top 100 students will qualify for round 2 from the online submissions (i.e. one pager, which can be written in any of the two languages i.e. Hindi or English) in each category i.e. School & College resp.
  • Out of the 100 qualified students in round 2, 4 participants from each category (i.e. Category1 – 5 to 7 Grade; Category2 – 8 to 10 Grade, Category3 – 11 to 12 Grade, Category4 – Undergrad & Graduates will make to RIC2021 Grand Finale which will be a speech & questionnaire round. Grand Finale shall be organized in the month of Aug / Sep 2021 (can change subject to # of entries). Details on the date, time, technology platform for the grand finale to be confirmed in the month of Aug 2021.

Additional Themes/Topics for the RIC 2021

01. Road ahead for Humanity – Knowledge Based Culture Vs Commerce Based Culture?

02. Leadership Styles – Values Or Valuables; Greed Or Honesty; Service Or Grandeur

03. Entrepreneurs Vs Job Seekers (Risk Vs Comfort?)

04. Creativity Vs Knowledge Vs Logic

05. Top priorities for state – Education, Health Care, Nature Care & Employment Creation?

06. Merit Based Society Vs Group or People Controlled Society – Pros & Cons!!

07. Beliefs Based Society Vs Independent Thinking Society – Merits & Demerits!!

08. Technology for Evolution (choice) Vs Technology for Devolution (addiction & abuse)?

09. Between Use and Abuse of Natural Resources – How to strike a balance?

10. Corona – Crisis Vs Opportunity Vs Punishment?

11. People in Policy – Courage (& the price to be paid) Vs Fear (& consequences)

12. A Progressive Society – Is it People or State driven?

13. A cultural shift to nurture creativity – From being part of the problem (/silent) to being part of the solution (think & experiment solutions!)

14. Leaders – How to draw the line between need & greed?

15. Is there a need to introduce global citizen element in school education system keeping the local flavors?

16. Indian Education Systems

17. Global Education Systems

18. The road to economic recovery for nations / world post Covid-19

19. Fixing accountability on countries spreading pandemics / global unrest

20. The need for stronger & accountable global bodies to deal with 21st century pandemics / global challenges


The winners in each category will be awarded as below

Category 1|Grade 5th to 7th

1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet

Category 2|Grade 8th to 10th

1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet

Category 3|Grade 11th to 12th

1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet

Category 4|Undergrad & Grad

1st Prize: Laptop; 2nd Prize: Tablet

Enjoy the RIC 2021 journey!!



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