Piezosurgery in Periodontology and Implantology


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Piezosurgery is a new and unique approach for performing precise and safe osteotomies that utilises piezoelectric ultrasonic vibrations. Tomaso Vercelotti was the first to create it in order to overcome the limits of traditional instruments in oral bone surgery. It was first used in the realm of preprosthetic surgery to expand the alveolar crest and perform sinus grafting. It improves dental/implant surgery significantly, helping both the surgeon and the patient by reducing surgical trauma and facilitating fast healing. Manual removal of small amount of bone in places with less dense mineralization is used. In cortical bone, manual devices are difficult to manipulate, especially when accurate osteotomies are required. They are mostly applied for gross cutting of large bone segments. When the bone is exceedingly dense, motor-driven tools are frequently used. Using the sharpened edge of burs or saw blades, motor-driven devices convert electric or pneumatic energy into mechanical cutting action .The cutting zone of these tools generates a substantial amount of heat, which must be reduced by water irrigation to avoid overheating neighbouring tissue, which might change or delay the healing process. Not only does the reduced rotating speed minimise frictional heat, but it also reduces cutting efficiency. Tactile sensitivity is further reduced by motorised cutting tools; slower rotational speed needs more manual pressure, which raises the cutting tool’s macro-vibration and further reduces sensitivity. This book discusses about the wide range of application of piezoelectric technique.

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