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Insights to improve your book’s marketability and reader experience

Just as market research and strategy can help a business, they can also further an author’s chances to write a book that reaches a wider audience, one that actually gets read and reviewed.

History repeats itself because we do not learn from it. Many authors have a tendency to publish books without properly analyzing customer needs and the market for their work. Market analysis helps writers build on the hits and misses of their preceding “comps”, which are the books that come close to your own target audience, category and the larger theme of the book.

At Clever Fox, we understand that authors spend time and effort producing a book and don’t have the bandwidth for market research. Yes, we heard you, and we’ve embarked on a new mission to help all authors learn more about their competitors and write a better book. Our objective is to publish best-selling books in every category with smart work.

Here’s how we provide an unmatched market analysis service so your book is not another run-of-the-mill title in online and offline bookstores:

We list the top 20 Amazon bestsellers in your category, with titles, author names, dates of publication, MRP, estimated copies sold per month, revenue earned per month, the total number of reviews, Amazon sales rank, and book URL. This will help you to learn more about what works in your target group.

It’s never been simpler to enter the mind of your potential readers, thanks to the wealth of user comments, blogs, and forums available online nowadays. Amazon reviews are one of the best sources of market information that you can utilize to enhance your book’s title, book description, and table of contents. We compile reviews for best-selling books so that you may learn about both the positive and negative feedback, for a competitive edge. Taking over this time-consuming process, our team searches for every review of every one of the top 100 books.


Your book must pique the interest of the reader in what you have to give. It’s crucial to stimulate your readers’ interest while also creating a sense of desire. The fact that these elements of a book demand a marketer’s mindset causes many writers to struggle. Thorough qualitative data analysis of interest and desire get your book(s) sold in your niche market.

Less than 3% of your readers will actually leave their feedback and improving on that comes with a fine balance of staying compliant with Amazon. We collect the verified book reviewers’ contact details from the top 100 books from their user profiles that often have social media and website details. The hard part is scanning thousands of reviews to find those profiles that left their details. We scan them for you and share their contact information.

Discover the top keywords for each of the top 100 books in your category. Consider the volume of SEO advantage these keywords are used in your e-book, book summary, and book metadata. While running an Amazon ad, keyword targeting can be employed to attract only specific viewers. Our tool will collect the data, and our data cleaning team will clean it and share it with you if it is relevant to the book.

Wouldn’t it be handy to know your competitors’ distribution and sales figures? Find what it takes to become a best-seller with us. Our analysis will provide you with an accurate estimate of how many copies must be sold in order for your book to become a bestseller. We provide these insights in three categories; thus, you must select the appropriate category or select all of them.

We run a thorough SEO score check for the visibility and readability of your book. Authors can share three tentative titles with us, and we’d help you to select the most SEO-friendly one.

A book summary is the first introduction to the book and our team of expert editors will help you craft the best first impression by improvising the book summary.

This is an area where most first-time writers go wrong. Our team of experts helps you arrive at the most practical price-point and page count for your book, based on a complete competitor analysis. This will ensure a better reader experience.

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