Chasing Butterflies: a high school mystery By Rae Murive


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Academic rivalry YA mystery novel
Anushka is cynical, intelligent, and sometimes mean; and is in her last year of school. Her only priority is to study as much as possible to stay on the top and beat her academic rival—Devesh, who is nothing but annoying with his arrogant smirks and equally good grades. The only thing the two have in common is their mutual friend—Varun, who’s loved by everyone and is also the school’s golden president. That is, until the school president disappears abruptly after leaving Anushka with a strange message. Following this, a fellow student, Nitin, dies—murdered. An anonymous post claims Varun is the killer. Anushka starts her own investigation to find the truth, which Devesh asks to join. After all, Varun and Devesh were best friends. With an attempt to put away their differences, involving a lot of
bickering and opposite opinions, they investigate the case themselves, leading them to multiple leads. Evidence shows up in the form of rumours and leaked pictures, making things more challenging.
But the killer doesn’t sit idle either, sending threatening messages, which Anushka chooses to ignore until she becomes his target.
Will they be able to find Varun in time?
Or will the killer show up in the most unexpected places?

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