7 Sparks To Teenage Parenting: Parenting sparks where all luv hate stories begin and end


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Motherhood is divine and is the biggest gamble in the world. It’s a relationship, a social structure, and a full-time identity with the glorious life force of infinite optimism. Parenting Teenagers is the most challenging stage of motherhood. Young Adults have different emotional needs. Parenting them means a process of big worries and letting go. It’s a time of being there but not intruding. It’s a cocktail of a lot of forgiveness, a bundle of grace & grit of love that is powerful and unconditional. Raising teens is exciting, exhausting, fun, and unique and has its fair share of highs and lows. It narrates seven aspects of Teenager’s roller coaster rides based on real-life experiences. It speaks tales of love vs. conflict, challenges vs. reward in parent-child bond that intertwine a reality check.”


Teenage is a phase of turbulence. Off & on, we face slammed doors, bad choices, and unfathomable frowns! We trespass through ever-changing landscapes of crestfallen issues with cyberbullying rising celebrity culture & make our teenagers overprotected with Entitled enabling, overparented not to face emotional bruises. And Universe compels us to adopt the appropriate style, keeping Gen Alpha’s creativity, enhanced outlook & pouring overconfidence.
Bottom line! adolescents still need to be hugged, be talked about hard stuff, and be listened to respectfully. Love those monsters every single day and tell them you do. They still need you even if their bubbling hormone doesn’t admit it. Kids will make mistakes, fail tests, blame parents, and have emotional outbursts. Still, they are super bright, horribly funny and lovingly sweet. Be reasonable to pamper them with flexible terms.
hope this book will help the new-age parents raise their kids with sparkling parenthood where all Luv and Hate stories begin and end.


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