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Partnered Publishing – Embark on your Publishing Journey with Clever Fox Publishing

“Writer” – is it just a noun or an identity? 

Most of the time, writers are stereotyped as black sheeps. Humans who like to stay in their bubble; the dreaming, scribbling, nerdy introverts, which is not always true.  As a writer, all you wish to do is grant your pen the power to take the responsibility of your head and heart. We tend to express more when we write. A writer is a person who writes anything be it diaries, snippets, sonnets, stories, just pouring out his heart and mind.

Some people are content being just writers whereas some yearn to become “authors”.
Who are authors? Authors are the writers who wish to be recognized. Now the question is how to achieve being an author? To become an author, a writer needs to publish his works. An author needs to channelize his thoughts into a content which has a plot or a theme. How his readers are going to get impacted through his works? Will the readers connect with him? These things need to be clear to a writer who wants to become an author.

So, are you a writer who is desperately waiting to break the cocoon and become an author?

Clever Fox Publishing,  always looks for such flair in our authors, providing a platform to let the world know that there is a writer, a great writer in you! As a publisher, we have always tried to showcase your aptitude in the best possible way.

To help the authors explore more opportunities Clever Fox, Bangalore-based publisher, is taking a plunge in “Partnered Publishing”! Due to a lot of hindrances, new authors fail to get their works published. Partnered Publishing is a flexible and author-friendly service to overcome the barriers. 

Partnered Publishing basically shares the cost of publication, hence, takes the risk of launching new authors. Partnered Publishing will help the authors navigate their content in the right direction with little cost, a curated publishing team, and greater visibility and reach. Now the aspiring authors need not wait for a more professional and permissible platform for publishing.

We are looking for high-quality and plagiarism-free manuscripts, which have a potential market and target audience. If you feel your manuscript holds such value then send us your best work. Our reviewer board will evaluate the content and if they find it suitable then we will get back! Don’t get disheartened in case it gets rejected.

Keep trying and keep writing! 


  • Avatar
    April 28, 2021

    A well written article. kudos clever fox publishing for launching such a program!

  • Avatar
    Veena Deepak
    April 29, 2021

    Very good initiative taken by clever fox publishing.a ray of hope to all the writers who are desperately waiting to get their work published.

  • Avatar
    April 29, 2021

    An Awesome platform for the Creative minds. Very thoughtful Intiative taken by the cleverfox Publishing. Keep up the good work!


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