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Interview with Bharath Shenoy

Bharath Shenoy is a Bangalore-based professional, born and brought up in Katpadi, Udupi. He did his Mechanical Engineering from MCE Hassan and later went on to do his PGDM-IB from IFIM B School, Bangalore. He has corporate experience of over 10 years and currently works as an analyst in a leading Market Research firm. He has handled market research for multiple countries including India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka and has authored several industry reports on technology. Outside the regular corporate life, Bharath loves singing, photography, and writing scripts for short films and ads. He along with his wife Divya, who is also connected to media and entertainment industry, and his team, have directed multiple short films. Their short film Anubhooti was nominated as one of the top shorts by “Best of India short film festival” by Shorts TV in 2018. His clicks on the designer collection “Fantasies of Geisha” were covered in Lifestyle and Deccan Herald. Bharath and his wife Divya are aspiring movie directors and this book “Story behind the notes” is hopefully the first baby step towards their dream.

Let’s know more from the man himself!


  1. Tell us something about your background

I, Bharath Shenoy, am into market research and currently work with an MNC in Bangalore. However, I always like engaging in creative activities. I have multiple hobbies such as sketching, photography, singing, travelling, and writing stories. I believe travelling, photography, and story telling are interconnected. Travelling first led me to photography and then to storytelling. Meeting new people and listening to them is something I love doing. 


  1. When and how did you start your writing journey?

When I was a kid, I had written few fantasy stories which my mom loved. That was probably when I started writing! However, entered into serious writing in around 2016-2017, when me and my wife decided to shoot few short films.


  1. What is your book all about?

This book, “Story behind the notes” is a tribute to those singers who struggle for that “one big break”. It is about how at times destiny pulls you down and how with doggedness and dedication, you end up redefining the destiny. The main theme revolves around a singer’s musical aspirations while it also highlights the importance of friendship in our lives.


  1. What prompted you to write this book?

I have been a singer myself and my wife is a singer too! I always wanted to write a story around this. It isn’t easy for a singer to make it big in the industry especially when there are so many singers coming out of so many reality shows. It needs courage and immense self-confidence.


  1. How was your pre-writing experience? What urged you?

My pre-writing experience has been good. As I was always writing small stories along with my wife, wanted to take it up to next level. I always wanted to be a storyteller. Last year lockdown was one event that urged me to write. Being at home 24/7 was taking a toll on me emotionally. My mentor Tanmay Dubey who has authored multiple books asked me if I would like to get into writing. That’s when I took a call to write something interesting in the next few months!


  1. How was your writing experience? Smooth or bumpy?

At times smooth, at times bumpy. I did get self-doubts at times and often lost the zeal. I genuinely thank my wife Divya for her immense support across the writing journey. Tanmay also helped me out whenever I felt demotivated. And yes, my parents were more excited about this than me! They kept on enquiring about the progress which also brought a sense of urgency.


  1. How much did your publishers contribute? Did they ease the process for you?

Publishers have been of big help. As this was my first attempt, I was clueless about the process. Ranjan and Shweta have been a big help in getting things in place. I wasn’t even sure of which publisher to reach out to and if I should delay the release considering current situation. However, after speaking to Ranjan, I felt this would be good option for a first timer and they definitely exceeded my expectations.


  1. What is the reaction of your family and friends to you writing this book?

All are super excited! They are waiting with bated breath for the launch!


  1. Mention the people who supported you in this journey.

Biggest support has been from my wife Divya. She was rock solid behind me across the journey. I also got support from Tanmay who mentored me, my parents who gave me that extra self-confidence, and my friends who kept calling me during lockdown to keep up the spirits.


  1. How is your book going to impact the readers?

The book gives a strong message “never give up” irrespective of how bad the circumstances are. I think in today’s scenario, this is extremely important. And yes, it is alright if your dreams evolve.


  1. How do you deal with negative comments if any?

They might come handy for my next. For a first timer, there is no negative comment. It is either appreciation or a feedback to improve.


  1. Who are your literary mentors and role models?


The authors who inspired me:


Christopher Doyle: The Mahabharata Secret was the first book I read after a very long gap of 7-8 years. I had bought it as a gift for my friend Deepak who loves reading. And Deepak already had this book, so he asked me to keep it. Reading that book probably was the real beginning of my story telling journey. And yes, I simply loved the book and the kind of research which went into it.


Preeti Shenoy: I first bought her book just because we share the same “surname” Shenoy! But after reading her book I realized how impactful her writing is! She knows how to express love.


Literary mentors for me would be Tanmay and Tonse Sridhar Pai. I have known them for years and they have been doing wonderful things in life. From all that busy schedule of theirs, taking out time and writing a book is an achievement. Writing more than one is something special.


  1. What are your upcoming writing ventures?

I am currently working on two scripts, one a thriller fiction which revolves around pre independence era and another, an adventure drama. Would be picking one of the two very soon and that would be my next release hopefully next year.


  1. Any piece of advice for our aspiring writers?

Do not hesitate to write. Express yourself. With self-belief, you can achieve anything….ANYTHING! And yes, that is also the message I am giving out in my book.


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