How to Publish an Anthology

An anthology is a collection of short pieces of work that have a similar theme. The short stories in an anthology are a powerful tool to convey a message or theme to the readers. Anthologies can be single-authored or multi-authored. Multi-authored anthologies are really effective since the collective efforts of multiple authors bring forward a common theme. It will also spare you from the Herculean task of authoring a book of 60000 words all by yourself.

Here are 8 steps for publishing an anthology:


  1. Decide on the genre, theme, and word count

There is no ideal genre for an anthology. You can choose the genre you like the most or the one you think is the most popular among the audience. If you are going to select a genre according to the market trends, make sure that you conduct dedicated and vast research on online platforms and social media.

After deciding on the genre, select a theme that will be accepted by your target audience. Addressing contemporary issues will add to the social relevance of your work.

If you are single-handedly authoring the anthology, the word count of each story can vary. They should only be thematically connected. But if it is multi-authored, it is advisable to stick to a minimum and maximum word count.

  1. Create the submission guidelines

You need to decide on the submission guidelines and other necessary details for your work. Make sure that you leave enough room for delays. Since this step includes a multitude of persons, things are bound to get delayed. Give the authors an early deadline so that you will be able to accommodate a few latecomers. The submission guidelines should include the following details:

  • The name of the anthology
  • Genre and theme
  • Word count for stories or poems
  • The style guide to be followed (British English or American English etc.)
  • Payment methods
  • Deadline
  • Contact info
  • Any other details you deem fit to include
  1. Announce the opening for submissions

You need to create an eye-catching yet simple brochure that clearly and legibly outlines the details. Promote the brochure through social media platforms as much as you can. If you have enough resources, you can resort to advertisements as a way of promotion.

  1. Selection Process

You need to check the entries briefly once you get them, to make sure that the basic guidelines were followed. If not, you may need to ask the author to resend it with adherence to the guidelines.

Close the submission window when the time is due.

Go through all the entries, carefully examining the quality of the content. Your judges may take time for this process, keep the authors well-informed about this.

Select only the ones that justify the theme of your anthology. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from beta readers. It is always recommended to approach beta readers who are well-versed in your genre and are honest.

  1. Editing

Make use of the services of a professional editor. It is never a waste of money. The entries you selected may or may not have undergone a self-editing process by the respective authors. But professional editing is much more than checking spelling and grammar mistakes. An editor evaluates the work as a whole and would be able to point out the inconsistencies and discrepancies the authors have missed. To attain the standards of your target audience, it is always advisable to go for professional editing.

  1. Create an awesome cover design

The market is teeming with thousands of books. What grabs your reader’s attention is the cover. That is, readers do judge a book by its cover! Your cover design should tell your reader what to expect from the book. Hence, you should carefully invest your time and other resources to create a killer cover design.

  1. Publishing your book

You need to find a good publisher for taking your book to the masses. This is the step where you have to choose between whether you want to go for traditional publishing or self-publishing. Both have their pros and cons, so make sure that you research thoroughly and select the platform which best suits your requirements.

Clever Fox Publishing, one of India’s leading self-publishing platforms, offers numerous packages which you can customize according to your needs and budget. It is a one-stop shop for publishing, taking care of the entire publishing process from editing to promotion.

  1. Promotion

Whether you go for traditional or self-publishing, promotion is an inevitable factor for the success of your book. Multi-authored anthologies can easily tap into the collective network of multiple authors, making use of their social media platforms and social circles. Continuously promote your book as much as you can through collective social media strategies, releasing a sample story or giveaways. After giveaways and distributing free copies, encourage your readers to give reviews on the concerned platforms. This is bound to increase the credibility of your book.





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