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Clever Fox Publishing’s Guided Publishing Packages

Clever Fox Publishing is revolutionizing the self-publishing landscape with their comprehensive Guided Publishing Packages. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of authors, these packages ensure your journey from manuscript to market is smooth, professional, and impactful. Offering three main tiers—Essential, Standard, and Premium—Clever Fox provides a range of services designed to bring your literary vision to life.

Essential Packages:

The Essential tier is perfect for authors looking for an efficient, yet thorough publishing experience. It includes three distinctive packages: Quick Publish, Clay Print, and Papyrus.

Quick Publish is designed for those who need to get their book to market swiftly without compromising on quality. This package includes:

ISBN, copyright, and barcode

A shared publishing consultant and email support from a publication manager

Unlimited illustrations and tables

Author copies at a discount

Paperback format with regular book size and best paper quality

Regular lamination

National online distribution via Amazon, Flipkart, and Ziffy Bees

A 100% royalty on sales, tracked via an author dashboard

Clay Print steps up with additional features, including:

Standard cover design (1 sample)

Standard interior formatting and beautification

One round of author proofing

Three author copies with additional copies available at a discount

Certified e-copy

National online distribution and one promotional poster

Papyrus offers a more comprehensive service set, ideal for authors seeking a wider reach:

Standard cover design (1 sample) with limited illustrations illustrations and tables

Six author copies

National and global distribution (print in India, eBooks globally)

Setup of Goodreads page, social media advertising, and Amazon Prime listing

Standard Packages

For authors aiming for broader exposure and additional support, the Standard tier includes Bamboo, Bamboo Select, and Wood packages.

Bamboo Publish includes:

Government copyright

Shared publishing consultant and manager

Publishing/marketing roadmap and book title SEO check

One cover design sample with limited illustrations and tables

Standard interior formatting and beautification

Two rounds of soft copy proofing

Nine author copies and a book publishing guide

Global distribution through Amazon, Flipkart, and more

One promotional poster and social media advertising, including a one-week Facebook and Instagram paid ad campaign

Bamboo Select adds even more value with:

Two cover design samples and standard content editing/proofreading up to 20,000 words

Twelve author copies and three eBook giveaways

Kindle promotionpress release, and two promotional posters

Extended social media and Amazon advertising campaigns (two weeks each)

Additional influencer marketing and YouTube/Instagram promotion

Wood Publish is the most comprehensive in this tier, featuring:

Advanced cover design and unlimited illustrations and tables

Content editing up to 50,000 words and advanced interior formatting

Sixteen author copies, five eBook giveaways, and ten bookmarks

Premium online store listing, global distribution, and Amazon A+ content

Extensive social media campaigns, including a one-month Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon ad campaign

Premium Packages

The Premium tier is for authors who want the highest level of support and global exposure. It includes Wood Select, Parchment, and Parchment Select packages.

Wood Select offers:

Advanced cover design with unlimited illustrations

Content editing up to 70,000 words and premium interior formatting

Twenty-two author copies and two print copy giveaways

Physical store distribution in one city and library distribution

Comprehensive marketing strategies including social media, YouTube, and podcast release

Amazon A+ content for both Kindle and print, and an extensive two-month advertising campaign

Parchment Publish provides:

Dedicated publishing consultant and manager

Standard editing for up to 110,000 words or line editing for 30,000 words

Twenty-six author copies and five print copy giveaways

Physical store distribution in two cities

Advanced social media, Amazon, and YouTube campaigns, and a virtual book launch

Extensive book reviews, influencer marketing, and podcast releases

Parchment Select is the ultimate package, featuring:

Custom book size and premium paper quality

Plagiarism check report and basic cover design

Thirty-two author copies and ten print copy giveaways

Physical store distribution in three metro cities

Amazon A+ content in three countries and a three-month advertising campaign

Book participation in book fairs and best-seller guidance


Clever Fox Publishing’s Guided Publishing Packages are designed to meet the needs of every author, from first-time writers to seasoned professionals. With a commitment to quality, transparency, and author success, Clever Fox ensures your book gets the attention it deserves. Choose the package that suits your needs and let Clever Fox Publishing turn your manuscript into a masterpiece.

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