Yogic Healing: A Practical Guide to Healing Self, Discovering the Key to Bliss through Yogic Methods, Enhance your Self Confidence by Adopting Ancient Yogic Practices


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Man is carried away by the Negative thoughts and presumptions in his life. The one of the most important things which makes man stuck in his life is he lives in the past which he takes as reference.

“Like a fog which covers the path makes us stuck, being unable to see the destination clearly” the inner potential of man cannot be recognised to the fullest due to his thought process and the belief that act as a focal point in way of his actions. His life is often tormented due to the negative thoughts which can be overcome with the help of Yoga. Negative thoughts cause depression, over thinking, unhappiness, complete dilemma, emotional trauma and so many health disorders.

Yogic healing is the best process of self healing and is an exemplary method developed by the sages of yore and has a great impact in man’s life. In this book I would like to emphasize the practical and proven methods when practiced with a ray of hope shall act as daylight removing the darkness of night.
The healing process starts by itself when the man is ready to face any situation positively with proper intuitive ability of Hope and courage by practicing the methods developed by the sages.

Why a man cannot achieve in his life?


What are the reasons behind it is his perhaps the way of thinking, the imprint, which had been created in his brain. This book, a practical guide to achieve the state of Bliss and I have tried to compile lessons from important Verses of Divine Sage Pathanjali, who developed the Yogic System & the, Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight fold path to reach the State of Bliss.

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