Yoga As practiced by the ancient sages of India


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Since ancient times, the practice of Yoga has brought vast mental,
emotional, physical and spiritual health benefi ts. Today, it is often reduced
to being only a means of physical exercise, thereby losing the treasure
of its comprehensive original forms – the Ashtanga, Hatha, Raja, Karma,
Bhakti, and Jnana Yoga which aim to bring holistic well-being.
This book presents a thorough research of the ancient Indian scriptures
and texts covering all aspects of Yoga in English, along with original
Sanskrit references for each. It is as relevant and useful for a beginner
as for an advanced practitioner or teacher of Yoga.

“Drawing on a wide array of Sanskrit sources, the work carefully seeks to
determine the textual foundations of contemporary yogic practice. The
book’s strength lies in its great wealth of citations from classic texts in the
fi eld.” – Professor Lawrence J. McCrea, Former Preceptor, Department of Sanskrit
and Indian Studies, Harvard University, USA.

“This will be a valuable trove of information for practitioners of yoga around
the world.” – Dr. Karan Singh, Scholar, Philanthropist and Former Member of
Parliament, India.

“This book……covers all rungs of classical Ashtanga yoga from yamas,
niyamas to samadhi as well as the 4 paths of yoga, the mind, kundalini,
siddhis, kaivalya and ayurveda. It is a helpful and authoritative reference
book for all serious yoga students, teachers, and advanced practitioners.”
– Swami Sitaramananda, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers.

“This book is of eternal value. Till the time Yoga is treasured, this book will
remain in need.” – Dr. Kiran Bedi, Indian Police Service (Retd)


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