Truth be told in lies: How far can you go for your love?


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Vansh Singh Rana, who just woke up from a coma, learns from his family and his girlfriend that his elder brother was cheated and paralysed by the girl he loved;Divya. With the help of his girlfriend Aahana, Vansh takes a cruel revenge on Divya and her family. But he soon realises that the matter is not what it looks like, rather it is way bigger and complicated complicated.
While digging deeper into the truth, Vansh realises that he is been stalked by an unknown woman. She follows him everywhere. Though Vansh doesn’t remember much of his life before the accident, he starts to believe that the woman must have some connection with him in the past. As he tries to unravel the mystery, he finds himself tangled in a hideous web of lies and deception.
Will Vansh remember his past?
Will he know who the woman is?
Will he be able to uncover the truth?
Truth be told in lies is an unconventional love story, which tells how far one can go for their love….

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