Traffic Light Conversations


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Traffic Light Conversations:
Each story in the book is of a character you might come across in a busy traffic intersection. Each chapter can be read independently, or in the context of the first story of Buzo, the dog.
You come across Adil, the tattoo artist and Mangilal, the puppeteer. They are creatives who are brought
together briefly, who find a safe zone to practice their passions after being driven away from their homes.
The stories also tell of struggles faced by women who want to pursue an education and career, such as
Mehnaaz and Pushpa, who are brought together by circumstances not of their choosing.
Each protagonist is brought to the traffic signal by events of their lives and society, such as ostracization of the mentally challenged, communal differences, draught influencing the lives of farmers, discrimination of the transgenders and those diagnosed with life threatening diseases.
While you wait for the signal to turn green, do observe the most mundane of people around you and ponder
over the question, ‘How did they get here?’ Their story might be similar to yours.

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