Too Young: An Unfortunate Marriage


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Society tells us that getting married quickly is important, but what happens when we take that notion too seriously? Does marrying for love guarantee a fairytale ending? Step into one young woman’s life as she navigates the temptations and pitfalls of youth. She may want to step right into the adulthood of every girl’s dream, but life has a way of teaching us when we test its limits. The kind, handsome young man of her dreams is right in front of her. What could possibly go wrong?


The Young Saraswathi is proud of the many happy marriages in her family, and can’t help but wonder if the beauty of her female friends and relatives has anything to do with their wedded bliss. She becomes obsessed with the ideal fairytale marriage, but perhaps to her detriment. What lies ahead is a cautionary tale about early marriage. Marriages for love could lead to a dreamy, steamy romance, but too often they bring a young woman down some other path entirely…

About the author:

Pavani Sree K is a graduate student of the University of Hyderabad, where she focuses on disability studies. Seeing modern India through the lens of a woman with a disability, she seeks to bring the issues facing Indian women into the spotlight. Her writing can be recognized for its progressive yet cautionary stylings.

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