Timing of Child Birth through Vedic Astrological Approach (an original research)


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Mr. Deepak Bhardwaj has done all the courses of KP Astorology from KP Stellar Institute of Astrology, Chennai. He has authored Three books on astorology having topics related to Married Life, Diseases and Misfortunes, Job, Business and Professions. He is great innovator in the field of Astrology and applies his novel ideas in his books of astrology. His passion for astrology is intense. His commitment is to bring oriental new and Old ancient knowledge to each and every household of India and abroad so that the humanity gets benefitted from the ancient Wisdom of our Sages and Seers.


This book is about Timing of Child Birth with the help of 63 parametres out of these atleast 50 percent are necessary for the confirmation of the actual date of Child Birth. This book not only confirms the actual date of Child Birth with the help of Lagna Chart only, but I have also used Transit Birth Chart, Transit Moon Chart, Transit Sun Chart, Navamsa Chart and Transit Navmasa Chart on the day of Child Birth for confirmation. In parameters by using Vimshottari dasha, role of Mahadahshanath, Antardashanath, Pratyantradashanath, Mool Trikona Rashis, Jupiter and Saturn due to their placements and aspects is also considered. This book is having 17 real examples fully explained as said above by taking the charts of different Females for the confirmation of the actual day of Child Birth.

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