The Wandering Human Nature


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The book title, “THE WANDERING HUMAN NATURE”, is my first attempt at writing a book as a fresher in the writer’s club. This book has the potential of changing your life and enabling you to be more inclusive in nature,in order to have or maintain healthy human thoughts for the longest time, which could be beneficial to everyone.

This book demonstrates and has answers to all the issues emanating from the whole gamut of human feelings fabricating several processes of human nature. The book is divided into seven parts and each part delves deep into a particular aspect of life and various nuances affecting human nature.

The book emphasizes that understanding the core or central elements of human nature would help in the construction, formation and determination towards the path of truth, happiness and sheer gratitude for life. This book gives rise to few serious questions to the readers. Hopefully, through this book, I am able to answer most of the doubts.

Over eight months has gone into creation of this fantastic book, which could act as an amazing guide for all of us to follow. This book truly highlights quality and essence of human nature that vacillates. I urge all of you to diligently follow the various guidelines, to lead a happy and stable life. I strongly believe that, we are what we think, so reason out, reflect over and rightly deliberate to live a life, awarded with awareness, so as to have a pleasurable filled-time to years of our existence.

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