The Twelve Steps To A Life Of Exemplary Excellence By M U Shah


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The Twelve Steps to a Life of Exemplary Excellence is a concise, well-structured guide that elucidates the art and science of achieving excellence in personal and professional lives. The book dissects the complex process of excelling in life and presents it in the form of twelve actionable steps. Thoughtfully conceived, scientifically designed and painstakingly refined, this twelve-step process smartly exploits the powerful link between thoughts (at the subconscious mind level), words (at the communication or relationship level), desires (at the inspiration level), actions (at the physical level) and destiny (at the realisation level) and thus paving a way for manifestation of thoughts.
Woven around the altruistic and other laudable philosophies of life, the book gives access to the next level of thinking in time and life management. It shows the way to create a life enriched by sound personal vision and goals so that we may each become living tapestries of fulfilment. Packed with powerful tips propagating a people-first and people-focused culture, the book has gained the confidence of a burgeoning count of esteemed readers worldwide.
This book is a must-read if you want to achieve holistic excellence in life together with serenity and peace of mind. You are a decision away from a mega transformation of your life. The decision to read this book can do that transformation.


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