The real question is “WHAT will not be AUTOMATED?”


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The book is a short read and involves key information related to the changing dynamics of digitalization and its impact on employment and businesses. It will surely give the user a kick to rethink the future of his/her job. It will also motivate the reader to undertake a new learning curve for sustaining his/her employability chances in the future world with Industry 4.0, Web 3.0, Metaverse, etc.
Note that the question “what will be automated?” is a wrong question, because almost every job we do today will be automated tomorrow. Hence, the right question is “what will not be automated?” And the answer to the question will have a very small list of jobs. A sincere attempt has been made to explain this concept from an inclusive perspective, in this book.
In the first section, we will try to understand the upgrading technology in simple terms and then move on to understand various perceptions, with which the future situation gets analysed.
In the second section, we will look into the economic virtue of the automated future world and then move on to see which jobs will be automated, which jobs will stay, and which one will vanish completely!!!
Lastly, we will look at the optimistic impacts, discuss a few short and long terms solutions, and end with a motivational summary and a handful of facts that will trigger your thinking on the speed & enormousness of automation.
The book has been kept small, purposefully, so that you can digest and update yourself in one go:)

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