The Old Age Love


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The novel The Old Age Love is about the traumatic
experiences of two couples Marian and Asa Heshel; Marian was an
American young and beautiful girl who rose from the rags to the
status of Super Model.. She used beauty as her weapon to achieve
international prominence. But the forces of cheating; duplicity;
fraud and subversion ruined her life. Her lover Molder cheated
her; her husband Brown conspired against her to grab all her
property; her best friend Ruby cheated on her and married her
lover Molder. The life of Asa Heshel too is full of trials and
tribulations; he is the victim of the Jewish Holocaust. He inherited
boorishness and womanizing and all the traits from his father who
had survived from the concentration camps of Auschwitz. Asa led
a horrible life; his wife Amy Stan turned to be a sexual slut; his
second wife Madeira and third wife Hadsha couldn’t give him the
real love and domestic happiness. Asa suffered because of his
lewdness; boorishness and by the destructive forces of Fate and
Chance. The novel is a heart rending story of parents who are
forced to spend the last years of their life in the Old Age Home
being discarded and thrown away by their sons and daughters in
the postmodern American valueless society. In this Old Age Home
they discover the real truth about human relations and they enjoy
the real love and felicity of life. The novel Old Age Love is written
in a simple and lyrical style. The quest of Marian and Asa is at
once sensational; adventurous and touching.


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