The Naga Girl


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The novel The Naga Girl is about the traumatic journey of Anila who was born in the Naga Community in Kohima. Her Baba Aviko and mom Naro were simple poor people. Her Baba was dedicated to his herbs; medicinal plants and syrups and powders to heal the wounds of the Naga community. He was the traditional Hakeem of the rural Naga people living in Kohima. Anila learnt the spiritual power of meditation and the therapies to cure the patients from her Baba. She came in contact with Catherine who was an English Science teacher and her son Dobson. She was inspired by Catherine and decided to graduate from the prestigious Medical College of London. One day when Dobson was alone, he tried to rape Anila threatening of his imperialistic power. Her Baba Aviko fixed her marriage with a rural boy. She revolted and left her home to graduate from London. She came in contact with Dr. Rajni; stayed with her in Bombay. She was confronted with greed; selfishness; treachery; duplicity; cheating and fraud in Bombay. All people; Hari; Bobby; Sushila and Suraj tried to exploit her innocence but her faith in her Naga God helped her to fight with the satanic forces. Her journey is interesting; thrilling; motivating; exhilarating; inspiring and exploring. The novel The Naga Girl is written to explore the psyche of the Naga people who confront the virus of backwardness and orthodox ideas.


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