The Mughal Harem: Secrets Untold


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A reminiscence back to the Mughal era which savored the nuances of being one of the most enigmatic ruling periods under Shah Jahan and his clan; eventually burning down to shreds with the inevitable shuffling for the sovereignty of Padshah Begum.
Narrated by Firdouz, a mere lady in waiting to the first lady of Hindustan Begum Jahan Ara, this book shall take you on a majestic tour of mystifying incidents and surplus royalty. Notwithstanding the double-faced parallel sister sovereign of Begum Jahan Ara and Roshan Ara who go leaps and bounds to fulfil their uncourteous desires and outrageous lust for supremacy.
Ruling far in the Deccan, Shah Jahan’s youngest son Aurangzeb returns with his entire Army not to his own home but on the pretext of arresting his elder brother, Prince Dara marked as the future king of Hindustan and thus, seizing the throne. The palace reigns rightfully fall into the hands of the mighty prince of the Deccan, further house arresting Shah Jahan and his daughter, Jahan Ara till eternity.
An anecdote that will braze you over a historic tour from the rising of the mighty empire of the Mughals to betrayal for the prevailing throne, the ominous essence of a lady’s charisma on a ruler’s reign…

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