The Essence of Microeconomics


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The objective of this book is to present the concept of Microeconomics in
layman language and to provide a platform for learning Microeconomics in
the Indian context. The main purpose of this book is that it will serve as a
fundamental textbook of Microeconomics for all high school and pre-
university students who wish to understand the concept of microeconomics
in layman language. The core concept of microeconomics has been
identified and application of these elements are being elaborated and
explained with the help of various examples of Indian as well as the local
scenario. This book will fulfill the long-felt need of high school and
preuniversity students for a simplified structured textbook on
microeconomics in layman language. The authors have a belief that the
readers of this book would be benefited by reading this book and will
develop a clear understanding of Microeconomics.

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