The Diet Secrets: Expert Diet All Women And Men Needs To Follow: Wellness, And Healthy Tips For Every Age: Learning Nutritional Tips No One Knows About For Healthy Living (Trending Weight Loss Book)


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About the book
This book will assist those who want to know how to choose wisely while eating. No, there is no magic wand that will make someone an expert in food and nutrition. But there is always magic in logic. The human body is intelligently designed and executed; we don’t need others to validate the food we eat.
Generations have survived on food, with simple skills and techniques. They are innate and do not require training. What is needed is to become aware of these age-old techniques and use the science within them. When we ignore the “monkey mind” and ignite the intelligence of the stomach while listening to the body, we can think logically. We all have the potential to eat right, choosing nutrition, with the goal of staying fit and healthy.
This book uses traditional Indian lore and values to make your life less complicated regarding the food you choose. It is a guide to time tested practices and principles, that should replace negative and self-indulgent ones. There is great wisdom in these pages, offered by an expert.


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