The Backmind Factions


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This book is an anthology of stories set in the background of 70s and 80s in which the author himself grew up. The Mendicant story deals with the vulgar display of riches by the rich and the humble helplessness of the poor in their living. The story justifiably culminated in both of their lives ending in the same plane as one . The story’Love Diary 7’ is purely an emotional outburst of a traditional teenager in his love affair. The story’s evocative feelings well relates to every teenager of either sex of all the generations. The Fool’s money is all about the perils of trying to make easy money through gambling and how the protagonist was trapped in that vicious cycle. The Astrologer is about a boastful soothsayer who was cocksure about all his predictions but came a cropper about his own life in an anticlimax. The untouchable Chariot is about the fraternity that develops between two boys of different social backgrounds which ultimately roots out the scourge of untouchability in their village. An ‘Outré Love’ is an unusual love that is the fall out of the changing mores of our society. ‘The Penny pincher’ is all about proving the adage ‘ The penny you save is for others to spend’

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