The Author’s Companion: A Concise Guide To Writing And Publishing A Book [Paperback]


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Ranjan Mohapatra

Ranjan Mohapatra is a highly regarded figure in the publishing industry who is celebrated as the founder and CEO of Clever Fox Publishing, a prominent hybrid book publishing company which specialises in the publishing of Books and Journals. With an extensive career spanning over a decade, Ranjan has acquired invaluable expertise and knowledge across various aspects of the publishing landscape. From an educational standpoint, Ranjan holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialisation in Operations Management. Prior to establishing Clever Fox Publishing, he honed his skills by working with distinguished international publishers, gaining experience in diverse publishing domains. While initially not aspiring to be an author, Ranjan’s deep understanding of the contemporary writing landscape prompted him to undertake the publication of “The Author’s Companion”. Recognising its significant potential to assist and guide aspiring authors in their literary pursuits, he embraced the role of writer and publisher for this invaluable resource. Ranjan’s unwavering passion lies in empowering authors to bring their stories to life as he firmly believes that every individual possesses a unique tale to share. He remains dedicated to aiding authors in discovering the most effective means to convey their narratives to the world. Under Ranjan’s astute leadership, Clever Fox Publishing has rapidly emerged as one of India’s premier hybrid book publishing companies. With his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, Clever Fox Publishing continues to thrive, offering unparalleled support and opportunities for authors to realise their literary ambitions.


The Author’s Companion is a concise guide that has been designed to help authors at all stages of their writing journey. It originated as a resource for our publishing company’s author base. Initially intended for internal use, we realised it had the potential to benefit the wider author community.

Unlike motivational books that simply inspire you to write, “The Author’s Companion” delves into practical techniques, exercises and approaches that assist in crafting a compelling book. Backed by data-driven analysis, it offers valuable insights that will help you understand both the publishing industry and your target audience. By highlighting common mistakes made by authors during the writing and publishing processes, this book equips you with the knowledge to avoid these pitfalls and succeed in the literary world. Benefit from the wealth of experience gained from publishing over 2500+ books.

In the era of self-publishing, the absence of editorial gatekeepers has affected the overall quality of books being released. Countless books are published every day, but only a select few truly achieve success.

Hence, The Author’s Companion addresses two distinct groups of authors:

  • those with good content but lacking experience in writing or publishing
  • those with poor content due to a lack of writing skills

It serves as a guiding light for both these groups of authors, providing them with invaluable support and expertise. For authors new and experienced, this book will indeed serve as a companion on their journey towards publishing best-sellers.

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