Text Book on Wool Science


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Wool is a outer coat of sheep and it has many properties to deal with the nature. The wool/hair is obtained from the animal sources such as sheep, goat, rabbit, camel, yak etc. with unique features. The quality of the wool is depends upon their fiber diameter and structural qualities. The usage of wool and synthetic fibers like silk, rayon, nylon etc., are more and more in the recent times. Hence, the knowledge about wool, fur, pelt and specialty fibers with respect to processing industry is must. In that aspect this book will cover the basic structure and development of wool follicle and wool fiber, post shearing operations of wool, classification and grading of wool, physical and chemical properties of wool, impurity of wool, factors influencing quality of wool, brief outline of processing of wool. This book will provide knowledge on studying the courses like wool science and industrial use.

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