Teardrops in the Blue Room


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Edward Cole desperately wants to be normal like everyone else. Instead, he finds himself on a rollercoaster ride of shockingly unexpected turmoil until a surprise Asperger’s diagnosis brings his chaotic existence into perspective and teaches him the true meaning of his life.
The main protagonist Edward Cole is desperate to find his way forward in life and eventually does so despite the many obstacles against him.
Going through life feeling different and an outsider, Edward Cole inevitably finds self-understanding and self-forgiveness.
The Story ends with clarity and closure on the subject’s battle with mental health through a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as opposed to many mental health books where the fate of the lead is unclear.
The protagonist ultimately succeeds in a battle against all his various addictions in a successful conclusion to the Story
The ultimate visual depiction of redemption with a protagonist who uses a mental health diagnosis to rescue himself from the absolute bottom of despair to a place of self-forgiveness, self-understanding, and a climax victory.
A highly commercialized portrayal of mental health and addiction.
A unique story that deals with multiple areas of mental health and addiction as opposed to other such stories that deal with just one, thereby boosting the reader’s relatability.
One of the first novels to discuss multiple topical issues from recent times including The Black Lives Matter movement and The Me Too movement.
The Novel is educational, inspirational, and life-affirming in its tone and climax

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