Sukhiya and Tales: The realm of Adventures By Shreya Tewari


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Taarika, a teenager, is the sole child of Dr. Hitesh Kamble and Deepti Kamble have to depend on domestic help. A trustworthy caretaker, Sukhiya is an experienced and reliable domestic help moreover like an enchanting genie brimming with countless tales of his own hometown. Sukhiya unfolds many memories about a courageous rural girl Moly. Adventurous, thrilling, sometimes horrifying many other characters that inspire and motivate young Taarika with lessons of life. Through these captivating narrations, Taarika and Sukhiya forge a deep bond, transforming warm regards for his mentorship. This remarkable book unveils a collection of heartwarming stories from Sukhiya, making it an absolute must-read. To discover the untold, undiscovered characters Sukhiya, Moly and Taarika are ready to engage the readers for an imaginary trip to Katwapur. Finally, Taarika plans to discover the unique hometown of Sukhiya and she is inquisitive to know whether the tales told by Sukhiya are realistic, fact full or is he just a blabbering man?
“Sometimes, I wonder how Sukhiya kaka exaggerates the tales of Katwapur! He never gives up narrating one or another happening of his town.” thought Taarika.

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