String of Pearls




This book entitled String of Pearls comprises twelve
short stories. Every story in this collection probes into
the myriad complexities of human life. The stories reveal
Ms. Banu’s profound insight, keen vision, and broad perception
about the variegated aspects of human life. However, her wistful
dream for a symphony and harmony in the human life journey
runs as an undertone in all her stories. The delicacy of her creative imagination, subtle characterization, vivid plotlines, subdued
humour and pathos impart an endearing and enduring touch to
this collection. Besides, each story testifies to Ms. Banu’s knowledge about the rich melody and pulsating rhythm of everyday life
experiences. The ideas expressed in this collection are marked by
a healthy vision of human life. Therefore, it makes an endearing
book for all age groups.

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