STRESS FREE LIFE IS YOURS: Simple Ways For A Healthy Body & Mind


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Stop Becoming a Victim of Stress – Read the 9 chapters to understand & Live a Stress-Free Life!

Are you tired of stress impacting your work performance and your health?
Are you sick of constantly worrying about your future?
Are you losing control of your life by constantly being under pressure?
Are you overwhelmed by stress and feeling powerless to control it?
Have you been trying to live every moment without being anxious?
Do you know what stress is all about?
Are You Living As Almost Nothing?
If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, Congratulations, you are about to find the real solution.

STRESS FREE LIFE IS YOURS – Simple Ways For A Healthy Body & Mind

Written by Gerard Selvan, a Counseling Psychologist, provides a short read with easy and practical techniques that help people identify stress in them and bring about a positive change by getting relieved from stress & anxiety.

Stress surrounds us consistently and is inescapable and undeniable.
How can we achieve our life goals?
How can we deal with stress?

This book will walk you through proven techniques to best unwind from your stress and live a life free from anxiety and depression…

This Short Yet Effective book shall help you to:
Reduce stress and anxiety
Lessen depression symptoms
Better physical and mental health
Being Positive
Become more Joyful and less Worry
To learn to Relax
To live a Good Daily life
Learn the Art of Letting Go
You will also learn about the following :
Understanding What Stress Really Is
Let go of what hurts you
What Are The Causes Of Stress?
The Negative Impact That Stress Can Have In Our Lives
How Stress Endangers Your Health
Identify And Sorting Out Your Stressors
Coping With Stress In Your Life
Relaxation Tips For Stress Relief
Art of Everyday Assertiveness
Guided Meditation Scripts


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