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Story Behind the Notes

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Bharath Shenoy

Bharath Shenoy is a Bangalore based professional, born a brought up in Katpadi, Udupi. He did his Mechanical Engineering from MCE Hassan and later went on to do his PGDM-IB from IFIM B School, Bangalore. He has corporate experience of over 10 years and currently works as an analyst in a leading Market Research firm. He has handled market research for multiple countries including India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka and has authored several industry reports on technology. Outside the regular corporate life, Bharath loves singing, photography, and writing scripts for short films and ads. He along with his wife Divya, who is also connected to media and entertainment industry, and his team, have directed multiple short films. Their short film Anubhooti was nominated as one of the top shorts by 'Best of India short film festival' by Shorts TV in 2018. His clicks on the designer collection "Fantasies of Geisha" were covered in Lifestyle, Deccan Herald. Bharath and his wife Divya are aspiring movie directors and this book "Story behind the notes" is hopefully the first baby step towards their dream.


The story revolves around two friends, who are about to enter their final year of engineering but seek something else in life. While Deepak aspires to be a singer, his friend Maddy wants to peruse his career in cinematography. One day, they bump into an old music video of a Mumbai based reality show singer, Sripathy Rao on YouTube and instantly fall in love with his voice. Maddy suggests Deepak to get trained from him. As the semester holidays had just begun, the duo with no second thoughts, go in search of Sripathy with a hope of meeting him in person. In the process of finding him, the duo get to witness the endless struggles and insecurities behind a singer’s life. Will they succeed in meeting him? Does he agree to train Deepak? “Story behind the notes” unfurls their roller coaster ride and much more.

4 reviews for Story Behind the Notes

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    Sonia Madaan

    It’s a short story revolving around two young boys who in order to turn their passion into dreams go through so many hardships and struggles. A well portrayed story with a progressive plot, good narration and impactful characters.
    The story depicts the reality behind the glamour and fame of celebrity life. The book comes up with an honest fact and true message for todays youth. Not to fall for reality shows, be prepared for the hurdles coming in the way of success and be patient. The end part with a twist made the read more interesting.

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    Though it’s a short read but if you are a music lover you can surely connect with depth of the story. Definitely shows the story behind the notes. The title totally justifies the book.

    The story revolves around two friends Deepak and Maddy persuing for engineering but not interested to make it as carrier. Deepak want to shine as a rockstar no no a superstar as a singer and maddy a hardcore photographer. one day deepak saw a video of sripathy who is singing the same song he sang but the voice attracted him so much he wanted sripathy as his guru.
    He and maddy get ready to search for him. In this process they leave to mumbai with so much of hope but nothing came in hand. There he met mehta, deepika, amit, rakshit, viswash and more people. Even he has to go kamathipura to find him but can’t find sripathy anywhere.
    Everyone has a different opinion for sripathy. Some say he is a devotee to music and someone say he is there for money, fame.

    Who is correct?
    Is he able to find sripathy?
    Who is sripathy?

    A never expected a ending like this. The ending just kick my mind so hard. A perfect blend of friendship, love for music, dreams , Chasing for dream, pain, expectations,struggle for fame. Everything is there. A quite engaging read.

    Somewhere the name sripathy rao and somewhere sripathy bhat so a little confused what is his name. I think it’s typo. But thoroughly enjoyed the book. A perfect pick for music lovers as the author has really researched the music industry. Nepotism, money,fame is needed in the industry where music is just a illusion.

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    I am quite fond of both photography and singing. The best part of this book is it includes both of them to make my heart flutter. The story turns around two friends named Deepak and Maddy. One is fond of music and the other is fond of photography. A small situations happens so that Deepaks life is gonna to become a big change. Their friendship include trust that they have between them. One time chance is enough to happen any change in life. Maddy gave that chance to deepak to fulfill his dreams. Have a look into this story to know what happened to Maddy and Deepak for their life to change.

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    A lovely journey of two friends in search of answers and meaning of the dreams that they. A friendship so strong and equally strong commitment towards their own passions. The journey takes us through hardships of their idol and how he struggled to achieve the kind of success that all singers long for. It was a lesson learned about the kind of strength one needs to be able to reach chosen goal. A lovely paced novel, slightly mysterious and keeping us interested in each chapter.

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