Sea People: The Greatest Untold Battles of the World


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Mithra and his wife came to the Mediterranean region from a faraway nation full of dreams as a lower-class fisher. But regrettably, the highest authority in the land decided to ruin his family because of his strong morals and intellectual. Mithra didn’t see it as his problem; rather, he took a broad view of it and realized that the absolute cause of his anguish and the misery of those around him was the power of authority. Since people grant authority, people may also exercise that authority. He collected an army of common folk who rebelled against the stifling power of government and went to war with every monarchy in existence at the time. In the conflict, through his strong principles and integrity, Mithra demonstrates why he is the world’s best leader. They overcame town after village, city after city, and kingdom after kingdom until they achieved their main objective of establishing a society in which every individual is valued for the life he leads. They simply vanished without a trace from the world’s view after achieving the wonderful win. The conflicts between these people and the kings are what bring about the collapse of bronze age civilizations. In the name of the Sea People, these people dreaded and remembered.

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